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Oh Hi there! Didn't see you with your TARDIS just materializing. Welcome to the future. It's now time for that second part of this season of Doctor Who to start up. Oh, you're not excited for it yet? Well, maybe this will tickle your fancy...

That didn't get you all the way excited for it? Well how about this....

Oh come now, it's not spoilers anyway. Besides, didn't you hear, a new studies shows that spoilers don't matter anyway. A recent study out of UC San Diego suggest that spoiler alerts may be for naught. The University researchers found that the pleasure people get from reading or watching something isn't diminished by knowing what's going to happen in the end. In fact, their pleasures may be enhanced some.

In the study, conducted by Nicholas Christenfield and Jonathan Leavitt of UC San Diego's psychology department, participants read suspenseful stories and researchers either told them what would happen or let them find out on their own. They found that overwhelmingly, subjects enjoyed the narrative more when they knew in advance how it would all play out.

They theorized that this may be the case in part because great stories depend on the talent of the author, not clever twists. "Plots, after all, are just excuses for great writing. What the plot is is pretty much irrelevant. The pleasure is in the writing itself." Said Christenfeld. "Monet's paintings aren't really about water lilies."

And perhaps it may be that without the distraction of wondering what will come next, more attention can be devoted to the subtler aspects of the text.

" ...once you know how it turns out, it’s cognitively easier — you’re more comfortable processing the information — and can focus on a deeper understanding of the story," said Leavitt. So perhaps you shouldn't get too upset when someone drops a big spoiler bomb on you. It may turn out that you enjoy the piece much more now that you can absorb the good out of it.

Besides, those spoilerish stuff is far better than what BBC America has done to Doctor Who by adding this stupid intro in the mix:

Besides that add in, BBC America also runs commercials jammed packed into the episodes. God how I hate that, I especially hate how they really mess up the flow and pacing of the show. I think there were more commercials than actual sow during the airing of Impossible Astronaut. They also run super fucking spoilerly behind the scenes things in the breaks, which is a huge dick move even if I just posted the article because behind the scenes shots are usually really destructive for that fourth wall narrative.

But that's not really too spoilerish. how about we just go into it with these suckers since it will air tomorrow anyway. Here's a clip from the episode that really makes you a bit confused:

Then there's The Doctor meeting Hitler...

Which makes sense considering the episode is called "Let's kill Hitler!" But what about that first clip there. Why did he call that rather darker than River girl "Mel"? Maybe the regeneration causes Melody Pond to change skin color some time through the whole process?

I have to admit, the idea of current Amy being forced to deal with a bratty teenage Melody Pond is pretty amusing.

So what do you need to know going into this weekend? Well, it would be helpful to see the final teaser trailer/prequel to the episode. In which case, here you go:

Oh man.. only a short time before new doctor who!

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