Monday, December 31, 2018



This is interesting. Before the events of this year happened, I hadn't really written much in a long time. Not since I was on a show that I was actually getting paid to write on before getting bumped back down to a shitty position I had prior due to politics I had no hand in. In fact, if you want to measure where the passion for writing sort of fell off the tracks and I stopped with this blog, it's around that time that I had to deal with a situation of feeling like I was getting no where with this and just accepted my lot in life.

Do I love writing? Very much so. I think I'm somewhat decent at it as well. Sure, it's a minefield of grammatical errors, misspellings and run on sentences the like that would make an English teacher die, but guess what, English sort of sucks as a language to write and speak in. So whatever. I will continue to spew out my ideas on the form here. Especially since using the classic tools of pen and paper often leads me to feel like my hand is about to fall off with sheer pain.

That's just getting old. Back to the main focus here. 194. That is the amount of blog post I wrote this year. I'm impressed. While it's not the 500 plus that I did one year, it is amazing that for someone who has bottled up a lot of what I experience because I honestly have no idea who wants to hear it, that I have so much to say. And yet there's still a lot of topics that I haven't even jumped in to.

I like writing. At any given time I do have about 10 post open where I'm working on finishing them off. Yeah, I seem to just start a lot of projects at once. but hey, it's good to have the mind working at all times. And having so many open documents just means I'll scatterbrain myself just enough to get them done.

Anyhow, I have no idea if I want to ever attempt to write professionally again. That was some tough stuff and the rate of rejection was way too high. I did enjoy it though. I do feel like my time in the entertainment business is just forever behind me though. Retired is how I put it, but it's really that feeling that I spent 15 years at, I probably reached the highest I could get and it didn't work out for too long. So there you go.

That just means you'll be stuck with listening to all these stupid blog post or something.

Bring on 2019, I can't wait to complain about more shit. I guess.

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