Wednesday, December 19, 2018



Clearly I'm fucking retarded and decided to make some more points about the word and use of Retard. But allow me to put my foot in my mouth some more because I'm clearly good at that. Besides, with all the drunken actions at holiday parties this time of year, it's pretty common to say something stupid that shocks folks you know for so long and didn't associate with being dumb.

So let's get to it. Look, it's not a great word to say. As someone who has worked with the intellectually disabled in the past, I know it can be very problematic, However, outside of those times working with them, I have heard several of those workers say that something is retarded, so it's not 100% stigmatized even in the communities that are close to it.

I just think that we have come to a point in life where it's an ultra-woke online social justice warrior thing where any insult based on intelligence or mental health is just not good and thus raged against by someone behind a monitor screen.

Besides, can we get back to the fact that Mongoloid used to be a medical term, that feels completely way worse than retarded as well as being racist. I guess mongoloid is more acceptable for strange reasons because it must refer to a person and can not refer to a situation. Maybe we should just refer to someone being stupid as calling them a philistine, that way no one could ever possibly get offended.

So hey, maybe the answer is to do an impression instead of calling them something, it looks a lot better on the transcript and nobody can prove you were offensive in a formal honorable rationale debate. Look at our President who does this on the regular.

What I'm trying to say is that it's not a very nice word to say, but then I look at Donald Trump and there's really no other word to describe him succinctly. Because morbidly obese sundowning rapist con man just doesn't have the same roll off the tongue as FUCKING RETARDED.

Maybe we should just stop using words all together. Ideas forced in to my mind from other people are VERY offensive. Please get the fuck out of my headspace, it's a safe space and NO MEANS NO! Maybe the biggest problem is the bad metaphors.

Also, I mean, let's just throw it out there again, don't say it to someone with development disabilities, it's very dehumanizing. Though, maybe we should also stop communicating to them with puppets as well. Just face the fact, you NOT saying the word retard is fine, but you're not above those who do use it because you are still for communicating with them with fucking puppets. I'm way out of my league here, but talking to people with puppets sounds even more dehumanizing.

There's really no word you strictly can't say because they're all just noises that mean nothing without our allowance for them to mean something and ergo anyone terminally opposed to this view reveals themselves as a fragile minded person who is unable to will themselves to unaffectedness and I don't believe we should shackle ourselves to merely out of consideration for those sorts as we often do. We are, after all, only as strong as our weakest links.

Sooooooooo, the consensus has been reached. Retard is cool again to use. Go on your merry way. Just try not to call a tard a tard, okay?

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