Wednesday, December 5, 2018



Let's face the harsh reality of things right now - you love buying shit off Amazon, it's dirt cheap and you get it shipped to you within a  few days and hell, they make great shows. But in reality, it's really a shitty company. It pays terribly and it gets a shit ton of handouts and welfare that you folks complain that minorities abuse from our tax dollars. But hey, free prime shipping!

First we have to start off with Jeff Fucking Bezos. He is basically the Lex Luther of super villains and we all just can't grasp that yet. If you listen to the generic boiler plate bullshit spouted off about him, he sees himself as the least important person in the company and he sees himself at the bottom of the rank of the company. But it's total bullshit because guess who is swimming in the cash pool at the end of the day. The whole concept of the inverted pyramid thing that he's on the bottom of in the Amazon fulfillment center is just some way to make the workers feel like they aren't just tiny cogs in a giant machine that will soon be replaced by automated workers.

Your average fulfillment center is filled with 1,500-2,000 full time workers. Stowing and picking and packing and bubble wrapping your shitty orders one by one for thousands of orders daily. Of course they're going to try to sell you on this fact that you are special or else you'd probably kill yourself due to seeing how insignificant your place is in that world.

Workers are pushed for time to fulfill an order and the time rate is set by the managers so that there is far more productivity than just laying about and being lazy. It's a fucking mess and you may as well just be watching a new Pharaoh situation popping up. Every time you place an order, which I'm not saying not to. I'm just exposing how the sausage is made, workers have to rush to get that shit fulfilled quickly or they realize how disposable they actually are.

And disposable they are. Workers are seen by middle management as just expandable in every possible way - Even though they're the important bedrock of the whole thing, they can be tossed aside pretty quickly and the concern for their well being is laughable. Boxes fall on people's head all the time, carpal tunnel sets in and people blow their backs out very frequently.  When all that shit happens it's even more sad that worker's compensation claims just get tossed aside quickly while efforts to fix the safety issues get ignored.

They also get a lot of hand outs from the government and huge bids by the cities they set up in with promises of lots of jobs just get the same $15 min. wage, which for a lot of folks still isn't enough to survive given that cost of living and wage gap is still a major fucking issue. But that's not Amazon's fault, and increasing the pay will ultimately make things cost more. I mean, let's not even address how much bootleg and knock off shit ends up on Amazon sold as real shit.

Look, I'm not saying you should stop ordering from Amazon. Shit, I have a prime membership and tonight I'm happy to see Marvelous Mrs. Maisel return, but I'm just saying that we should be more mindful of what is actually happening to the jobs, and how we shop because we're going down a slippery slope. One we were worried about with Walmart, and for good reason, but Amazon is a pretty pink bow on an otherwise same pile of employee misery shit sandwich and we should be aware how far we're crossing it.

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