Wednesday, December 26, 2018



Costco rotisseries chicken is something magical. Also, you really haven't lived your best life unless you grabbed that sucker on the car ride home and ripped off a piece of chicken drum to eat on the road home. It's literally the best feeling in your life and unless you already chowed down on a hot dog or slice of pizza, is probably the only other option you should have of things in your mouth leaving a costco.

There's also something magical about the skin on the rotisserie chicken that can't be described by simple words. Woe be he who throws away the skin of the Rotiss', I say.

Look, for $5.99, this thing is a goddamn steal and it's a wonder I stop myself from buying it every time I go to Costco, for it has to be the best deal on a rotisserie chicken ever. And while eating that drum on the way home, I think the real pro move is to eat the rotisserie chicken as you wander the store. Yup, that just seems too perfect if you ask me.

Even better if you're doing that while wearing Costco pajamas. Look, this blog is going to be all about being comfortable at costco. Just grab that blanket, it's literally is like god himself hugging me 

 In fact, I consider Costco my church. Every new coupon book a new sermon. The latest one tells me that it's $10/lb on prime steaks. Praise be.

Also, can we just go over this again, the chicken bake is not great. A chicken bake is really just a Stromboli filled with Cesar dressing. A hot dogs is just a long hamburger and a hamburger at costco is a waste of time. Not because it's a flat hotdog, but because it's way overpriced for what it its. And one final thing, Costco mashed potatoes is seriously just one serving.

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