Sunday, December 16, 2018



So it may seem that a lot of old things are triggering the next generation in ways that the previous one may have been okay with.You know what, that's perfectly normal. Remember that in the 50's it was just as well to treat colored folks less than equal. So when I see that a new generation decides that songs like The Little Mermaid's Kiss the Girl or a wave of saddened snow flakes takes offense to the very heavy rape culture that comes with Baby it's cold outside,I just have to say this...  That's perfectly fine to hold on to nostalgia and enjoy it for what it was, but realize that it probably wasn't okay back then and we just looked the other way because the boiling point hadn't happened yet.

For Baby it's cold outside, the boiling point that no, it's not okay to be at the mercy of judgement from friends, family or anyone else in your own life choices on who you spend the night with. Most of all, it's not okay for pressure to be the dictating force behind if you sleep with someone. We just love it nostalgically... and I've written about it already, so perhaps I'll just move to the next example.

Kiss the Girl. Look, clearly Ariel was all for the consent on this, so while we don't have to do it, the helpful aspect to this song would be  "Go on and kiss the girl.... if she looks like she is into it and a willing party in this, but know that at any point either party can decide that what is happening should probably stop and you have to respect such life choices" but then again, that isn't as catchy.

We should take not that women aren't just objects to do your actions upon. That is the heart of all this. While the assumption that the other party is interest with your intent, it's common sense back then that needs to be very much laid out clearly and more unquestionably with this situation - Does the girl want to be kissed? Which in itself is a very tricky question because what you read as one thing could be a very different message altogether.

Look, mistakes happen, but don't act like a prick if you go on and kiss the girl and she says you need to back the fuck off, mister. Oh yeah, and she sprays you with that mace straight into the eyes.

Most of all, it's not that this generation is more pussies or anything like that, it's just that they want it more openly laid out so that there isn't a miscommunication and that talking lobster/crab thing isn't giving you some fucked up advice. like, seriously, why is it talking and most of all is a goddamn lobster or a crab? Can anyone answer me that shit?

Go on and make an advancement on the girl.... but know that you may be rejected. And be okay with that. But I guess, also asking for permission doesn't give the air of confidence that you know what you are doing and you know what, that is the biggest difference between the generations. One was sure of themselves, another has crippling student loans and other life fuck ups that even having confidence in the basic of choices like making a move on someone you're rowing a boat with is tough man.

Let's not call them snowflakes, let's just assume that life is harsh enough on them already for making the "right choices" as everyone told them, so maybe they just feel like they got burned on that stove and are weary of touching it again. Ya know.

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