Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cutting The Big Cheese

Cutting The Big Cheese

Much like it's now hip to be a geek, it seems that the image of another common item in Los Angeles has gotten a make over and has become the latest in thing. Food Trucks are no longer considered roach coaches and eating at one is no longer looked down upon, but because of innovators like Kogi, they've become the latest craze. Spawning people to seek them out on social media tools like Twitter and waiting in hour long lines to place your order.

Considering my career has been in the film and television industry, I am no stranger to the food trucks. In fact, I have looked to them for ages to feed me during lunch and I look to them for cheap and delicious taco cravings. I was a long time supporter of the truck scene when the city took on a strange stance on trying to limit how long they could park in the unincorporated areas of L.A. to when they were fighting with Palos Verde residents on the same issue.

Now that they are hitting the streets as royalty, I suppose it'll be a good time to announce a new truck showing up to the scene. One that from the first of hearing their intention on I have been looking forward to trying. The Grilled Cheese truck is finally hitting the streets tonight!

After teasing us for weeks with amazing twitter updates highlighting some of their amazing foods, including their Mac & Rib Grilled Cheese first seen at the Grilled Cheese invitational, they finally are pulling up to the curb near you.. That is if you're near The Brig in Venice. And if you're not than you'll just have to make the trip. It's late and traffic shouldn't be bad at all. Scroll down and see the pictures and tell me with a straight face that this is not worth the trip.

Normally the spot for the Korean/Mexican fusion Kogi, The Grilled Cheese truck will be setting up base so you can finally try this comfort food starting tonight at their Grand.. opening of their truck shutters tonight at the World Famous Brig starting from 8:30 till 10. If there is any cheese left they'll move on to somewhere else, which you can follow them on their Twitter page to see where and when they'll be grilling.

After the Grilled Cheese Truck leaves the spot Kogi will be rolling in and if you haven't had some Korean BBQ tacos yet, it would be a good chance to try them out. So not only do you get to try something new, but you get to try a now classic street scene delicious food truck item all in one night. Just bring your hunger, some extra cash and you got yourself a combination of fusion food that your stomach will thank you for.

They first announced the news of this grand opening on Twitter with a surprising "Well, THE WAIT IS OVER AND IT'S TIME TO MELT! Who's busy Tuesday evening? Meet us on the Westside....? CheesyMac&Rib w/ some tots anyone?"

And while it was only limited to 140-characters, it was still news to drop everything for and prepare your appetite for. What else can you look forward to? Since man was not meant for grilled cheese alone, you can lick your lips for some dessert in the true grilled cheese fusion method in a Marshmallows, Nutella and Banana sandwich.

So come out and welcome Chef Dave Danhi and Executive Officer Michele as they bring about a new level of cheese to the LA truck scene. You'll not only get a great meal, but you'll also be in on the ground floor on the latest food truck in the city.

I hope to have an interview with David and Michele in the future about their new Cheesy venture, so be on the look for that soon as well as the whereabouts of The Grilled Cheese Truck, Tonight after the Brig in Venice and near a parking curb near you in the future.

You can find any news and updates for the Grilled Cheese Truck on their website
thegrilledcheesetruck.com and on their updated daily twitter page

The Brig is located at 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291-3888
Official Website of The Brig

Photos via grlldcheesetruk twitpic page - All Rights Reserved

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