Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The World Series

The World Series

Well, it's finally here. After a whole season of baseball it comes down to two teams. Sadly, my Los Angeles Dodgers were eliminated right in the last series, missing the world series by two games and one strike out. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it...

Well, actually, that's exactly the reason I can't enjoy it. E.S.P.N is one of those networks I hate. They're everything that is wrong in sports and most of all, they don't give a shit about anything beyond the Mississippi as they have an East Coast bias and it seems that the two teams that are heading to the world series are.. exactly from the world series.

While I hate the Yankees with a passion, I really don't have any insentive to root for the other team. Not only did they eliminate the Dodgers two years in a row, they also have some pretty stupid fans as you can see from the following two video segments.

And this classic...

So what is a baseball loving boy to do? I mean, I have to watch it, right? I can't just ignore some major end of baseball for the year, right? That's a tough call. I may be prepared to just kiss this whole world series good bye. They got rid of both the Angels AND the Dodgers. Southern California representation in baseball is all gone

They say Baseball is a cruel lover. It comes around in spring when the flowers are blooming and everything is looking pretty, like a new love. And through the summers you enjoy its company as you enjoy some hot dogs, beer and other snacks on a cool summers evening under the spotlights. Only for it to leave you when fall comes and it gets colder and darker. All the time you still love it just the same and you can't wait for the next season to come with the hope that, maybe this year it'll be your turn to celebrate the world series championship in late October.

Till spring time, my summer past time. See you opening day 2010 at Dodger Stadium.

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