Monday, August 16, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love Our Mercidise

Eat Pray Love Our Merchandise

It's no surprise that Scott Pilgrim didn't do all that great in the box office, but let's face it.. it's the biggest Edgar Wright opening.. and that's saying something about our society since the man is awesome in every possible way.

Besides, this past weekend also saw the release of the Expendables which probably split the audience and it's not like Michael Cera is really that much of a star that he could carry his own picture. Though none of that really matters. I'm just really glad that movie got made and exists and will eventually be out on Blueray.

Which leads to an interesting question - how much is too much when it comes to merchindising for a film. And I'm not even looking at Scott Pilgrim. That film is designed to go after the youth that has money to piss away and very little credit card debt to freely do so. I'm looking at another film in this instance. EAT, PRAY, LOVE.

Yes, this one is a very confusing concept to grasp. Who actually wants to see Julia Roberts on screen again? Put her and Sarah Jessica Parker in a film together and it'll be Sea biscuit 2! Okay, now that I've alienated a lot of people let me go on to why I'm blasting this film other than the obvious.

The film EAT, PRAY, LOVE is the new Julia Roberts flick about the story of one woman's journey to de-clutter her life. So I have to wonder why there's 400 products that are riding on the coat tails of this film like a Disney film on McDonalds food products.

The film encourages and embraces a sort of release of all material items. It goes on about finding the simple pleasures in life. So why not find those simple pleasures while wearing your Lancome "Eat Pray Love" collection exclusively made for them.

There's a slew of jewelry to choose from as well. The Los Angeles based jewelry company Dogeared is hoping you want their necklaces and arm bands clutter your jewelry box as they struck a deal with Sony Pictures to make merchandise branded with the film.

Fred Segal and ABC Carpet & Home have started to stock the knick knacks and trinkets. Ranging from travel baubles and other female shiny objects from about $20-$100. They're using the justification that "we relate to the theme of a woman's journey for self-fulfillment and happiness", says the founder of Dogeared. As we are all aware that self-fulfillment and happiness are often found at the end of a very large shopping spree for necklaces and "eat", "pray", "love" charm bracelets.

It's as if Harley Davidson released a special "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance chopper." I guess I should just be happy that The Expandables beat EAT PRAY LOVE. Audiences have finally chosen Eric Roberts over Julia Roberts.

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