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Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment

I'm not even going to bother with tossing this topic out using "A FRIEND" or the thought that some reader sent me an e-mail about this. Because let's face it.. I have none. Not to mention if I did have any readers, they wouldn't bother sending me hate mail, let alone relationship/sex questions.

If you're anyone who has seen any porn in your life you're probably aware of the concept of a Facial. In case your virgin eyes haven't ever seen a porn or you've been home schooled, here's Wikipedia to give you a good description of the act.
A facial (also facial cumshot or cum facial) is a term for the sexual activity in which a man ejaculates semen onto the face of one or more sexual partners.

A facial is a form of non-penetrative sex, though it is generally performed after some other means of sexual stimulation, such as anal sex, intercourse, masturbation, or oral sex. Facial cumshots are regularly depicted in Western and Japanese pornographic media, often as a way to close a scene.

My thought on this issue is this.. I don't get it. If your partner is down with it, what's my moral standings to say it's not Okay. Besides, this isn't just a feminist concern. Maybe gay men enjoy facials too? I don't know! But do men like it because it is a way of dominating their partner? Would men do it if they didn't have porn to learn it from?

I get it - what goes on between two consenting adults is nobodies business but theirs and trying to stop facials because they are demeaning is like trying to stop gay sex because it makes god mad. It really is just some perspective on the matter.

Besides, if you tell a young woman that her behavior has to conform to feminist principles or else she is a gender traitor you are just seeking to replace patriarchal control over her with feminist control. You are essentially saying 'we don't trust you to make your own decisions'. The whole thing just turns into a giant stamp of approval like a rabbi waving his hands at a warehouse to make diet coke kosher.

Woah, didn't think I could some how link diet coke to cum, now did you? I suppose if a girl wants to take a few thick ropes on the chin, she can take a shower and still go out of the house that day carrying a torch for Women's rights. I won't judge her.. but I will wonder why?

The only reason why it's even considered acceptable now is because our generation grew up with hardcore porn where it's the norm considering porn almost always includes degradation and humiliation of the female.. cause that's what sells. If you considered that then you probably wouldn't want to do it to someone you actually cared about.

Why oh why would you want to emulate something you've seen in a porno in real life? Why no, there's certainly not anything wrong with that right there.. Not anything at all.. I mean, it's all subjective, right. In the bible there's wives who wouldn't let them spill their seed upon open ground or he'd be killed on the spot. Sex is for procreation - not for facial miniaturization.

Then again, ejaculating INSIDE a female partner seems to be more of a patriarchal/egotistical action. You're basically attempting to create more of yourself for the purpose of carrying out your goals in the world.

Just belly bust it on your lady, man. Then go and get the tissues. And that's if you're not using condoms.. which you should be if you're just randomly hooking up and not in a serious relationship now.
The act of ejaculating on the female face is the assertion of a sexual dominion, or geospacial hegemony over the women (or “receptacle”). By isolating the semiotics of the face from the bodily integrity and multiplicity of the subject, it denies the female recipient the context of the biological functions of the reproductive system, emphasizing the unnaturality as perversity of the act. The racial-colonial element of this hegemony is characterized by the creamy white colour of the semen, landing at various territories of the face and spreading slowly along the path of least resistance with the implicit purpose of reproducing the colonial model of the yeoman-settler(1)

1) Noam Chomsky: Hegemony or Survival
I mean, you're hiding a females face under a layer of pure masculinity - Truly the most feminist thing one can ever do... Just think about it. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is okay with it, or willing to deal with it because their thinking is based on an idea of "pleasing your man" that has been warped due to an aggressively misogynistic culture.

As always, feedback is always welcome. That one dude who spams my comments with Japanese porn links gets awfully lonely. Just go ahead and spray the conversation everywhere and see where it lands. Maybe one topic will stick and I'll write more on it.

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