Sunday, August 29, 2010

Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls

It's never to early to think about what you'll be hanging up on the wall to separate the days next year. So let me be the first to show you the 2011 calendar you'll want to have. Say hello to your Czech Sexy Members of Parliament Calendar!
The 2011 calendar features four women MPs from the Public Affairs party wearing little in the way of clothing in a series of images that dispatch the traditional image of staid and serious parliamentarians. The country returned its highest ever number of women MPs at the last general election.

Two other women, one the party's candidate for the mayor of Prague, make up the numbers, with each politician photographed twice for the calendar, which will be sold for charity.

"We want to draw attention to the fact that we have women in politics," said MP Lenka Andrysova, who appears in one shot in a thigh-high dress kneeling on a shelf.

Katerina Klasnova, the 32-year-old deputy speaker for the lower house of the Czech parliament, is photographed lying on a bed wearing a loose-fitting robe.

The Czech elections in May saw a record 44 women elected into the lower house of parliament. In a significant political shift, young parties such as Public Affairs, in which women have a stronger presence, entered parliament for the first time.

Public Affairs and Top09, another newcomer to the Czech parliament, are now involved in coalition negotiations to form the country's next government.

"Women's political influence is growing. Why not show we are women who aren't afraid of being sexy?" said Marketa Reedova, Public Affair's 42-year-old candidate for the Prague mayor's office.

Public Affairs has previously used glamour to highlight its strong female presence. During the election campaign four of the women who appear in the calendar posed for a billboard poster wearing black swim suits.

As further evidence that few in the Czech Republic have qualms over spicing the world of politics with touch of glamour and sex appeal, in the days after the election the glossy women's magazine "Ona" (She in English) encouraged readers to vote for "Miss Parliament", asking them to choose their favourite female MP.
So with that said, do you want to see the pictures? I mean, they are worth a thousand words, after all.

Wait a minute. What? That's it? That's it?!?! Maybe the foreign films have lead me to think that any time people do calendars that nudity will be included. Oh well. I love this quote
"Why not show we are women who aren't afraid of being sexy?"
I mean, it's about time someone took a stand on the deplorable lack of sexualisation of women in the public eye. Has a woman ever been "Afraid" of "being sexy"? Heads up, you can be a feminist and still like to feel sexy and horny, it's amazing, I know. But it's true, I swear.

Avril Lavigne?

I guess the only time someone really doesn't want to look sexy is if they don't want to look sexy for someone they're not interested in. Don't look at me like that, pervert! sort of thing.

OH MY GOD, I can see their legs AND feet! Don't look now. My favorite is the one of her brushing her teeth. Cause, I mean.. what? I guess they're cute pictures and poses. I don't know. I guess it's just a little vanilla compared to what I would normally expect one of those calendars to have.

That woman looks hot and smart with those glasses and that book. Though the book is an upside down copy of Atlas Shrugged.

I guess your average feminist wouldn't have a problem with strapless dresses and short skirts if guys went around in public showing that much skin with a straight face. But then again, double standards, right?

That's Okay love, sometimes I have trouble getting out of the bath as well.

But I dunno. I'd go around half naked all the time if I had a good enough body for it. I mean, be proud of your sexiness! Though if I had a daughter she will be wearing a potato sack until she is 18, god damn it!

I guess the real indicator of equality is for your average woman to not be judged because you wore the same work clothes three days in row. It's pretty much the definition of male privilege.

Either way, I guess you should clear room on your desk for a new 2011 calendar cause who can pass up some political figures? Pray that the U.S. senate never attempts this.

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