Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scott Pilgrim In A Different Light

Scott Pilgrim In A Different Light

On Friday we see the release of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - Aren't you flipping excited? Oh wait, you're not? What's wrong with you?

What is it about the movie/book? Is it that it looks like a Manga and we know very well that you don't read any of that Jap-anime bullshit. So if that's hindering your ability of enjoying this sort of coming of age story of a Canadian boy who falls for a New York girl, then here's this.

Joe Quinones, who did an amazing job on his Wednesday Comics' Green Lantern segment did an amazing take on the Scott Pilgrim characters. Taking them from Manga looking funny book characters to... well, Americanized comic characters..

Completely awesome.

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