Saturday, August 14, 2010

Evolution? Ha! Let's Just Believe In Magic Bearded Dude

Evolution? Ha! Let's Just Believe In Magic Bearded Dude

I just never got how anyone could believe that evolution wasn't some sort of given. Of course we evolved over time to better survive. But hey, then there's these kids just causing me all sorts of depression..

It's clear that none of the people in that video is a highly evolved being
"How can, like, an African American person evolve from a white person? We're different skin..."
That just makes my jaw drop. I mean, let's face it. Actually Jeffery, white people evolved from black people. WHAT!? I know. Crazy shit! But I'm glad you asked this Jeffery. You see, when humanity, or the more accurate homo sapiens, began to leave the african continent our white ancestors migrated to places with much colder climates. they spent long hours indoors and eventually lost all pigmentation bla bla bla.

Whities essentially moved farther north and got lighter skin and bigger brains, duh. Or maybe white people just devolved back to the mountain days. And contrary to popular belief, white men also have the biggest cocks. The myth of giant black cock is propagated in order to make black men feel inadequate for not having one themselves.

I guess we should just be thankful that those kids view of evolution is just incomprehensibly muddled and not explicitly racist... for now. As disheartening as it is to see them so uneducated, at least they aren't curb stomping. And that teacher. How did that guy ever get a college degree? I would say that the only thing he's waiting on is for morning to evolve into lunch time.

Maybe those kids should just see this video

But how can those monkeys be walking upright.. Monkeys don't do that..

A science teacher has the responsibility of teaching his students real science regardless of his religious background. If he just keeps perpetuating this stuff the students are never going to learn why science is important. Kids are impressionable and it just takes one awesome teach to get them motivated and on the right track to something that will interest them and educate them at the same time.

Then again, to assume that this teacher or anyone can do that in the course of one semester is a bit of a stretch. That's how long anyone who tried to do that would last there anyway as well as the students just going to another teacher who will just cater to their religious non-evolution mind set.

How on earth do some people stay so dumb their entire life, I will never know.

The only thing we can take away from this is the knowledge that these people are having pleasure hormones and chemsex pumped into their brains. They believe they can actually feel something with their reaching arms. The music adds to the emotional hive mind experience. It's a powerful seductive and very safe comforting feeling.

But it's hard to write a bible belt blog post without going to the tried and true classic... How awesome is god? Well, Timmy, he's an awesome god indeed.

Now that's a song if I ever heard one. When they say "awesome" they "Raise the roof" woop woop!

This puts into perspective that home schooling isn't so bad after all. At least it's not this.

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