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Late breaking news on the latest in the strange tale of birds falling from the sky at break neck speeds. Kirk Cameron chimes in on the latest news..
Kirk Cameron Not Worried About Mysterious Dead Birds And Fish
January 07, 2011 12:25 AM EST

Kirk Cameron isn't worried about those mysterious dead birds and fish. The former "Growing Pains" star recently revealed that he doesn't believe the dead birds have anything to do with the end times.

Kirk Cameron, who is a born-again Christian, didn't claim to be an expert on the situation, but did say it was "silly" to link the dead birds with the end of days. "Well, I first think that they ought to call a veterinarian, not me," Kirk told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

It seems that everyone can agree that dead birds and fish are a cause for concern. What could be causing them to drop from the sky, and float belly up in the rivers? Hypotheses have ranged from apocalypse to aliens. Conspiracy theories are circulating, but until this this matter is resolved, Kirk Cameron's guess is as good as any.
Really Kirk? Really?! You starred in the whole Left Behind video bullshit that help scare people into this doomsday scenario. Then again, those folks who would be scared by the Left Behind series would probably been scared of just about anything that made a bang sound.

I have to admit, Kirk Cameron, former "Growing Pains" star has got to be the runner up to Joe Lieberman for the world's most punchable face. It's really that much of a smug face he has going on there. It sure is nice to know that he isn't worried about the mysterious death of birds and fishes.

It's actually a bit ironic that he isn't cashing in on this. I mean, I figured that most religious types would use this as the single best reason as to why the masses should give them their money in exchange of salvation. You can't ask for a better visual than seeing thousands of birds fall from the sky. But I guess Kirk Cameron's guess on this matter is as good as any.

I mean, everyone actually seems to care about this right now.... Which just puts into question how much genuine concern folks had over the tragic environmental damage of the past generation to now care about this. I imagine that with the species continuing to pile up, it seems almost farcical to even make this a news topic.

But then, here we are. Let's just pretend that it's everything to do with the end of the world and leave it at that.

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