Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now That's Just Indecent!

Now That's Just Indecent!

A bit ago magazine super model Stephanie Seymour and her son were taken pictures of in a much creepy fashion. Considering it's a slow news day for me and I'm so tired of being let down by Obama, I'm just going to post about this TMZ level of news..

This is Stephanie Seymour. She's a super model. She's fairly attractive and the bathing suit isn't hurting any. But appparently super model Stephanie Seymour has a strange relationship with her son..

But hey, it's cool, dawg. For you see, her son is gay and is clearly getting no enjoyment out of any of the titillating skin tone bikini action you see above.

Wait.. what the hell. Um, buddy. Don't you know you're suppose to be like a turtle when it comes to cold water? But hey, all this could be just some good ol' fashion horse playing and embracing. Clearly there's nothing that could be too sexualized on its own, right?.....

Welp, I give up. Where's social services?


huge said...

great inc pics. i would like to see more such pics. best mom

Chris said...

Not only does he clearly have a boner, but it appears that she is.about to inspect it more closely, reaching for the top of his trunks...!