Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicago Corruption: Mayor Edition

Chicago Corruption: Mayor Edition

You know the old saying of live by the sword, die by the sword? Welp, it looks like there's a pretty comical news story developing right now in Chicago and it looks like your new Chicago mayor will NOT be Rahm Emmanuel
DEVELOPING: The Chicago News Cooperative is reporting that an Illinois Appellate Court has overturned a decision regarding Rahm Emanuel's Chicago residency. The court reportedly decided Emanuel is not eligible to run for mayor of Chicago because he has not been a resident of the city for one year.
Legally speaking, he was in a very strong position and this is seriously unfortunate and funny as all fuck. HA HA HA HA! The funny shit is that he's already bought all his ads for TV/Radio. So oh man, he's pretty much fucked. It makes you wonder who paid off the courts to make sure that it was opposed. Though maybe the supreme court will make him eligible.

I'm sure some of you are thinking that this court decision is insane. That it's silly to calling into question his residency requirements but guess what, that's Chicago politics. Corrupt as a mother fucker.

Because it's no secret that the Cook County judges are horribly corrupt. Just like any other political position in Chicago. There's credible rumors that powerful, brazenly corrupt machine pol and current county Assessor Joe Berrios, as well as Illinois speaker of the house Mike Madigan himself are sponsoring the legal challenge. And that the most powerful alderman, Ed Burke, openly hates Emanuel.

So essentially corrupt Chicago politician is being held up by another corrupt Chicago political backroom deal. You have to love the irony in all that. I'm sort of glad for the dirty machine politics for once if it keeps Emanuel out of office. But let's be serious here, does anyone really believe that this will stop him from attempting to be mayor?

While he may not be on the ballot, I'm not sure if won a write in campaign. So today's ruling actually stops him from taking the seat if people do right his name in.

Rahm is such a piece of shit. He's such a narcissistic asshole neoliberal with an unmanageable ego. So it makes me so glad to hear that even though he was holding a 64% lead on the 22nd, that they're printing the ballots without his name. It's such a big FUCK YOU that I can't help but be proud of America every once in a while. It really is the funniest shit to happen in politics in awhile. Whichever activist judges made this possible, I want to thank you.

On another note. Today is the President's state of the union address. If you want a sneak preview at what the state of the union is, I'll tell you. It's fucked.

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