Monday, January 24, 2011

Boob Covers

Boob Covers

Oh my, we're at the half way mark for January. You know what that means - You need to start fucking thinking about Valentine's Day.

That's right.. I said it. Valentine's Day. The day that capitalism won over the power of love. They got that taste of your money just a little less than a month ago and they can't go cold turkey. So we have the wonderful day of Valentine's death to celebrate by showing your loved ones that you actually love them.

Wait, scratch that. You don't have to play along if you're a female. You get to enjoy this ride free of charge. But really, I still have not figured out why it's important to show your loved one you care on a day when a man was beheaded.. but you know what, that's stuff for another blog post. I mean, I can at least be happy that I'm not a bad boyfriend...

Nope, I don't put them through any of that. But I can't say I'm entirely innocent either. You see, I ended up getting that special gal these a bit back....

I know what you're thinking.. What the fuck?! How could you do that to the cleavage? Hiding it away. That's like putting candy in a box. Wait, well it is sort of eye candy, right. So it pretty much is like a mystery box of chocolate. You don't know what you'll get.

No wait, that analogy fails as well. Boobs are boobs. But covering them up just seems like you're doing something wrong. Isn't that right, parody of that As-seen-on-tv product!

See. Now that's funny. But hey, it's not like you need to show cleavage off at work anyway. Not unless you want to get advances from your creepy boss. Besides that, there's something classy about a lacy cover slip.

And for your information, the reason I picked this topic for today is that it's the Anniversary of beer cans being invented.
Beer cans have come a long way since January 24, 1935, when Krueger introduced its Special Beer and Cream Ale in steel cans. As the largest supplier of beer cans in the world, Ball Corporation has played a key role in the evolution of the beer can, one of the most widely used and sustainable beverage packages on the market today.
And really, what better to talk about than cans on a day of cans... and absurd products.

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