Monday, May 30, 2011

Dragon Tattoos And Immigrant Songs

Dragon Tattoos And Immigrant Songs

David Fincher, the director of Fight Club and most recently the Social Network is back with a remake since it's pretty clear Americans hate reading subtitles and require every movie to be made in English.

So the film Girl with the dragon tattoo had a red band trailer leak out. Take a look...

first reaction was.. wait, people pirate trailers now?

Second thought was.. my god, what a mix up of mashed up spoilers all over that trailer. Having already seen the original trilogy in the language of origin I know the story and in that trailer alone I see a lot of things that really scream out bloody spoilers.

Then again, to those who don't know it already, it probably didn't make any fucking sense other than proclaiming itself the feel bad flick of Christmas.

Ho ho ho.

Though I can't say that this trailer ruined that Led Zepplin song for me.

I still picture those damn kittens every time I hear that song.. any version of it. Now I'm just picturing gothic trent reznor dressed kittens rocking the fuck out to his version of it... in viking gear of course.

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