Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lohan Is On The Chain Gang Now

Lohan Is On The Chain Gang Now

A bit late on this. What with the royal wedding, the cheering of a terrorist figure head's death and all that but hey, I figure this is just in time for her to fuck up yet again.

In any event, it seems that the law eventually caught up with her and she was slapped with a 120 day jail sentence with 480 hours of community service at both a woman's center and at the county morgue.

May I just say that the morgue is not much of a punishment. In fact, I would love to do some community service at the morgue. They have a fucking gift shop! How could any place with a gift shop be anything but awesome?

But anyway, this is all because of her violation of her probation. She's still facing charges on the necklace she stole and the judge is claiming that the only reason she returned it was after she found out that there was a search warrant issued.

On the plus side, they reduced that charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. Though she said she would appeal the sentence she received so far. And I again I have to mention.. community service.. AT THE CORNERS OFFICE?! Why would you appeal that? Oh, because this is all some sort of public flaunting of a celebrity? Yup.

It's all about being some sort of symbiotic relationship with the tabloids. We celebrate these celebrities decline and downfall. This sort of international suicide watch where we're handing them a razor blade and hoping they slit that wrist just in the right manner to get the most blood on the streets, but at the same time we're chastising them for their actions and how the children look up to them.

I have to admit, I don't hate Lohan. I mean, the media has been eating her alive for some time now. It's actually a pretty sick thing when you think about it. On one hand we

They sure are picking on her. If she was a regular poor crack head, she would get county 30 days and do half of it before she's tossed out because of a lack of room in the system. They're basically crucifying her for the sole reason that she provides ratings. The store wants attention and free advertisement and the judge wants to make an example out of her.

The district attorney in this situation is an asshole. She took this and pushed the tax dollars for it so that she could get her name and face on TV. It's nothing more than some spring board to potentially run for mayor or some public office. The person who cleaned up the streets of law breaking celebs.

But hey, now Los Angeles is safe with her slammed with all this community service. You can all unlock your doors. Though I guess there is something Lohan is guilty of.. being damn fine.

OOOOh yeah!

Lohan did do a Marilyn Monroe inspired photo shoot

Yes, that Marilyn photo spread. Interesting enough it was with the person who originally did the Marilyn photo layout. So I have to say, that is well worth noting.

Gotta say, these are actually pretty classy. Yeah, Marylin did them before and all that. But hey, it's not all trashy Maxim style and it doesn't look like they've been airbrushed to kingdom come like you would expect any modern image to look like.

And there's nudity! So there you go. Just enjoy these little images a bit longer.

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