Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Odin's Beard

Great Odin's Beard...

At first I was going to do a comical spin on Thor using this god awful female Thor costume.

Because really, I don't recall any part of the film having Thor become a street walker selling his body for some money to get back to Asgard. Even if Loki turned into a woman in the comic for a while, it doesn't seem like the best way to sell your product. Unless you want guys to buy this for their girlfriend for some bedroom sort of adventuring.

And don't tell me that this is Thor Girl. She was an awful character. Though I guess I could simply just say that I'd Mjolnir'er if you know what I'm saying... Anyway, moving on now.

I wonder if All Father Odin from the latest Marvel movie is ever going to clean up his garage and have a yard sale. If he does that would be a good time to try to low ball him for some of the things you can find in the weapons room.

Oh, you don't know what he has in there? Hopefully he won't either and I'll get away with these lovely things for only a few 20 spots.

Apparently this is Warlock's Eye. I really have no clue what it actually does except it is no doubt powerful and in the wrong hands can be totally used as an evil plot device.

This one is a given. It's the Infinity Gauntlet and just about any Marvel comic reader worth their weight in salt knows about it. It holds the Gems of Power, Space, Time, Reality, Mind, and Soul. Having all of them gives the wielder an incredible power over the Marvel Universe.

This prop actually showed up at Comic Con last year at the Marvel booth and everyone was assuming it meant that it was going to be used in the Avengers film. I guess we know now that it's just going to be chilling in Odin's basement.

This one actually makes sense sitting in the basement of Asgard. This is the Eternal Flame. It was stolen from Surtur at the dawn of time so he could not light his sword and bring about Ragnarok.

Basically, this is all about the Thor comic mythos.

This one is the Orb of Agamotto. It's used by Dr. Strange as an example for clairvoyance and opening gateways between dimensions. I wonder if the good ol' Doctor will astro plane his ass over to Asgard to get it for his own film.

This one is a toss up but I'm going to go with this being the Tablet of Life and Time. How it works is that there's a formula on the tablet that one could make a serun from which can rejuvenate and heal its user. It might also allow some other ability like turning the person immortal. Needless to say it's pretty powerful.

Makes you seriously rethink having that lawn mower in your garage when Odin has these weapons of all power just sitting next to his fridge with cold beer.

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