Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Peta - Not Even Caring Anymore

Peta - Not Even Caring Anymore

So I caught wind on the latest Peta billboard to encourage people not to wear fur using sex appeal...

I just have to wonder, is this tasteless ad calling Olivia Munn an elephant or something? I'm a little confused. Although I totally agree that elephants should be free, it's like they're not even pretending to make it relevant anymore.

Just put an ad up with the message of "HEY, I'M NAKED!!!! p.s save animals". I mean, she is pretty big by comparison with those elephants. Is that why she can't get clothes that fit her correct?

PETA is really just an excuse for guys to take naked pictures of female celebrities, isn't it? Just tell us the truth. Don't try to convince me that you're trying to save animals. We can call a spade a spade.

But can I just rage against Munn for a few minutes? Everything from G4 is god awful. This may be some nerd rage from a former TechTV fan, but I stopped watching the daily show around the same time that she came on as a regular correspondent.

G4 is simply the worse at pandering to the male geek audience. Munn's act especially along with the rest of the female host who seem to revolve their entire personality around trying to be cutsey as possible.

She wrote a book called "Suck it, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek" I mean, seriously? Yes, you have big tits and you enjoy things nerdy guys enjoy, who the fuck doesn't? Iron Man and all the rest of the comic book films are making millions. Guess what, those things are main stream now. You don't have to act surprise that it crosses gender anymore. It's no longer a niche market.

I never got this idea that it's so rare to find a female who like video games. If they're under 30, they grew up with a video game console in their home. One that they played a lot. So of course they're perfectly fine with it.

On a side note, Chris Hardwick is probably the only thing decent about G4 these days.

But you know what, this whole PETA - Let's get naked thing isn't limited to women. Look at their ink bullshit.

Ink - Okay.. Pig skin football okay as well?

On a side note, this guy went to Israel for a couple of years solely to serve in the IDF as a sniper. Evidently he doesn't even see Palestinians as animals.

And I guess this one isn't offensive.

Don't wear fur; wear cutoffs.

You know, I choose not to wear fur, but it's not because of PETA or because I think it's wrong. But because I think it's incredibly tacky.

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