Monday, May 23, 2011

I Wish We Could Fire Donald Trump From The Meida

I Wish We Could Fire Donald Trump From The Meida

So the worthless piece of shit Donald Trump came out to say that he wasn't going to run for the elections after all.
NEW YORK – After months of flirting with politics, Donald Trump said Monday he won't run for president, choosing to stick with hosting "The Celebrity Apprentice" over a bid for the Republican nomination.

The reality TV star and real estate mogul made his announcement at a Manhattan hotel as NBC, which airs his show, rolled out its fall lineup.

"I will not be running for president as much as I'd like to," Trump said.

Trump's office released a formal statement just as he was taking the stage. In it, a confident Trump said he felt he could win the Republican primary and beat President Barack Obama in the general election but had come to realize a presidential campaign could not be run half-heartedly.

"Ultimately, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector," Trump said.
Several Republicans are seeking the nomination in a race that lacks a clear front-runner. Among the top hopefuls are former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. The GOP is still waiting to hear whether Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin or Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann will get in the race.

I have to say good riddance. Anyone who actually believed for one second that he was actually going to run is stupid. This was all about pumping up his image so he could pimp out more poorly made generic products with his name on them.

We should really stop giving Trump attention since this is exactly why he faked his running. He was always only after the attention grabbing that it caused as a grasp to not fall into bankruptcy yet again. Remember, this man had a casino that went bankrupt.. in Atlantic city. How exactly you manage to do that I don't know.

But even in this move it shows that Trump is a terrible businessman. He should have never declared that he was running or tossed in the towel on potentially running. But what he should have done was come out and say that he's forming a committee to explore the possibility of becoming president. to solicit regulation free contributions and got rich the Newt Gringrich way.

But it comes to no surprise that NBC announced yesterday that they were picking Trump up for some more seasons. I mean, that's gotta be some strange timing on all this, riiiiight? It's almost as if he just did it to boost ratings for his show.

But if he did run it would be pretty funny to see how the Republicans backpedaled on calling Obama too inexperienced for the job when you have someone like Trump running for the job. Not to mention that it would also force the rest of America to be exposed to his dirty finances.

If there was one thing that could top his dirty finances it would be his dirty tactics. He went from running on a birth certificate platform, to criticizing everyone for not talking about economic issues after the certificate was released and he was mocked at the correspondence dinner. Between this and his "Diplomacy is a waste of time" foreign policy, I can't imagine that anyone would support him unironically.

And for those of you who are voting for our presidency ironically - Fuck you! I would like to believe that there isn't anyone who would do that but then again, someone who believes that has a lot of faith in humanity.
"They gotta do what now? Scrutinize my finances? Fuck that. I'm outta here."

Ultimately I think it was this that ruined his chances of running. Trump realized that his finances would be out there for the world to see and he said fuck it. It was that absolute lack of privacy that Trump would have that he ran away from this civic duty.

He also didn't have the skin for it. His reaction at the correspondents dinner in being roasted by Obama in a setting that wasn't a lame Comedy Central fake roast showed that he didn't know how to handle it publicly when not scripted. Sitting there motionless was pretty much the exact worst way to handle it.

He knows how to get publicity but he doesn't know how to make people like him who don't already like him. Which is something that even he would have to do to even win the nomination. let alone, the general election if nominated. When your best public face is "angry New Yorker", you're not going to have any election possibility.

So where does this leave the election potentials? What with Huckabee also out, the list of Republicans running is getting thinner by the week. Though most of them didn't have much name recognition anyway. It's probably going to end up being between Michelle Bachmann or Newt Gingrich.

Though, it's not like the Republican party needs to do much anyway. Obama pretty much is a Republican in every way minus that R sitting behind his name. So I guess we can expect four more years of pointless wars in Afghanistan and a lot more torture tactics. Wooohooo!

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