Monday, May 9, 2011

Move This IED Now!

Move This IED Now!

I was just telling myself that we haven't seen that many American solider circle jerking lately and then I came across this production call sheet..
Show Seeks Military Homes for Family Makeover

4/19/2011 - WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- The producers of ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Family Edition" are seeking homes involved with people in the military which deserve an extreme makeover.

The producers are looking for homes with "amazing strength of character and who put their own needs aside to help others," a press release said. "Whether it's the abode of Soldier, a mom, a teacher or a fireman, we think deserving homes are homes that inspire those around them despite the hardship associated with the barely-cogent vermin living inside them and destroying them."

Additionally, the show's producers are seeking houses whose families need major alterations or repair - "families that present serious problems for the house and affect the house's quality of life."

To be eligible, homes must own their single family and be able to demonstrate how a makeover will make a difference in their lives. For example, if a Marine had become accustomed to leaving trash and human waste behind during each stop on his or her tour and had soiled the home's basement to such an extent that rot and structural problems had emerged, the Extreme Makeover team would repair the damage and replace the military family with an actual family.

Interested house-sympathizers who wish to nominate a military home should e-mail a short description of the home's story to [SOME STUPID EMAIL]. The e-mail should include the names and ages of household members, a description of the home's challenges, an explanation of why the family is deserving of replacement and possibly reeducation, photos of the family and their home, and contact numbers.

The deadline for nominations is May 30, but people should send submissions early, the release said. Only up to 25 homes are selected each season.

For more information on the application process, visit

Please pass this information on to deserving military homes. I hope to see a few on "Home Edition" next season.
And I couldn't help but laugh and laugh and laugh. Though I guess it finally hit me that the punchline to this untold joke was that every other episode of the original show used a military family anyway. How else are you going to get your Troops cock sucking done on the family network than to destroy and then rebuild some shitty house bought on some terrible soldier shit wage?

I mean, some part of me wished that we would deliver a 500lb laser-guided home makeover. You know, just like we've generously given so many other families across the globe.

Maybe we could make it interesting for a change. You know, how about you just get every home and fumigate it while the family is asleep. Okay, that's just mean. Maybe you could just make sure the solider is there. The rest of the family could go to Disney World.

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