Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amy Adams And Jason Segel's Boring Romantic Comedy

Amy Adams And Jason Segel's Boring Romantic Comedy

I mean, really, do we need yet another sappy romantic comedy that has been done a million times over? Boy meets girl, girl falls in love with a boy, boy messes it up and then, well, I'm sure you can see what I mean with this poster...

And if that wasn't enough, just look at this trailer for the film. I mean, can they get anymore formulaic?

I mean, just look at this. How inoffensive can you get with this film? Half of those actors look like they have a hand up their ass... wait.. muppets?! What the fuck?

As my favorite muppets would say, this movie doesn't look half bad...

Doesn't look half good, either! oh ho ho!

Yeah, I gotta admit I'm really excited for this film. Much like Segel, I'm a huge Muppet fan and he's one of the biggest contributors to this film. So I really can't think of anything other than awesome that this film will contain.

Jasan Segel busted into tears when they brought Kermit in for the first table read. It's silly to say that there's not at least a lot sincerity that's going into this one with him behind the wheel.

Though my one hope is that Pepe the King Prawn is not in this for much time. He was a late add on to the characters and even though I love eating shrimp, I really don't give a shit about his character.

Over all, finally a romantic comedy I actually care about. Now I only have seven months to convince the girlfriend to go see a movie about muppets. Maybe the fact that Brett from Flight of the Conchords will be writing an original song for this flick will convince her.

I mean, Jim Henson has always been a little off, so it makes perfect sense as the music choice here.

But sure enough, the marketing department for this is on the ball. Just look at the latest trailer that is a parody of The Hangover 2.

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