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It's Going To Be A Long Wait Till September

It's Going To Be A Long Wait Till September

The next 3 months are going to be the longest that anybody has ever waited for a new episode of Doctor Who ever in all of history without a single exception there has never been a longer waiting period than this because if there was it would have driven me utterly insane.

We did learn that this episode would be the point at which River met the Doctor for the first time... and what do you know, it actually was.

Part of me wanted Amy to slap River right at the reveal in the end.
"You never Told us! And what's more, you never call or write. And what did we do to deserve you rotting away in jail now? Not to mention that the free time you spend when you're not in jail, you're trolloping around with the most irresponsible man in the galaxy? Oh, and don't think I didn't hear that 'spoiler' about you being a screamer you told to the doctor. Where we really that bad of parents?!"
Because really, what mother wouldn't do that to their child? It's sort of funny that when Rory and Amy where talking about the baby's name they said that Melody Williams is a History professor while Melody Pond is a Super Hero name. The end sort of makes you laugh because River Song is essentially both. Though you need to replace History professor with Geography teacher. Close enough though.

I guess things brings up a lot of questions. I mean, remember when River was confused by the picture of Amy and Rory in The Pandorica episode when it opens. I guess that was just her continuing not to reveal too much info to the Doctor since she should obviously recognize Rory as her father...

But then it occurred to me that at this point, Rory had been extinguished from all time and space and nobody remembered him except for The Doctor. So River wouldn't know who this person in Roman gear would be.

The most in your face message left in this episode that you should take away from it was in the deaths that happened. Namely two characters that could be stand in's for the companions currently. You have a Sontaran warrior who is a nurse getting killed as he goes head in for battle and then saying that he's no warrior, he's just a nurse. Rory should have told him that's what he is as well.

Then you have the soldier who met the Doctor when she was a little girl and was told to run. Only the Doctor doesn't remember her and most of all, she still was searching for him. Sounds an awfully lot like Amy Pond. Only just slightly different in that she ended up working for the bad guys and not traveling around with her imaginary friend in a big blue police box.

The episode did sort of leave the whole "darkest hour/lowest point" thing sort of lack lustering. What exactly did it all mean? Was him realizing that he'd failed, he'd allowed the worst possible thing to happen to his best friends with the kidnapping of their kid. Or that the entire reason it happened at all was because of him. River did point out that his entire attitude and demeanor of recent times have turned him into a galactic boogeyman.

He still considers himself a man of peace but you can only threaten and scare off alien menaces with your reputation alone for so long because people state thinking that is all you ever are. And frankly, that's the opposite of what the Doctor likes to consider himself. Davros in Journey's End, the alliance of bad guys in The Pandorica - All of these people point out that the doctor is now synonymous with monsters of the universe.

Headless Monk?

I guess it also doesn't help that River, upon meeting him in Silence in the Library, told the doctor in a very turned on voice that armies flee from his very name. Maybe if she really wanted him to change she wouldn't have been so happy about all that.

Then again, what River tells him at the end on her identity everything in his brain clicks together and he knows how to do the things that he considers his true vocation - healing and fixing and making things better. The show didn't end on a cliffhanger so much as it did on a happy note. It's the doctor realization that it's not too late to redeem himself and fix everything.

I just have to hope that the big bad guy behind all of this plotting to kill the doctor turns out to be Omega. I would probably be way to excited about all that. And while it is a few months away and the wait will be unbearable as I no longer have something to watch on Saturdays, I guess I can live with the little preview title card of the next episode teased to us.

Though to be fair, who wouldn't love the title of the next doctor who episode?

Okay, not everyone is going to like it..

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