Friday, June 17, 2011

Video Killed The Public Radio Star

Video Killed The Public Radio Star

On August 1, 1981 at 12:01am MTV was born and the first music video that aired on the airwaves was ironically enough this Buggles song..

These days MTV doesn't play much music videos. In fact, the only time you can see music videos on the music television station is in the late hours of the night/morning. Which makes this next bit of news all that much more stranger.

MTV is indeed doing a repeat in killing the radio star. In this case, the former KCRW music director Nic Harcourt has decided to leave the Santa Monica public radio station to focus his energy on a full time position as music supervisor in residence at MTV.

There he will helm music supervision for select shows during the coming year. According to his statement, Harcourt's "work as a music supervisor for TV, film, and advertising came about as an extension of his work hosting KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, which he stepped down from -what is it, two years and some change ago?

He was at the station for more than a decade and he most recently hosted a three hour segment of music on Sunday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. Which, if you missed the last show, it can be streamed right below this sentence for how ever long they want to keep it up.

This news is pretty shocking. To be honest, while I loved Jason Bentley's Metropolis and listened to it practically every week day, as well as listening to his work on KROQ's After Hours on Saturday nights, I thought that Jason's move to replace Nic as host of Morning Becomes Eclectic has been pretty lackluster and never recaptured what Nic brought to the table.

Nic's Sunday show was rather enjoyable every time I tuned in. There was enough classic good songs as well as a sprinkling of new stuff that I hadn't heard before and appealed to me enough to warrant me looking up the play-list and I would search for more of that artist.

So for Nic to leave KCRW altogether and not have any connection there, not even a measly three hour show once a week is the end of an era for me.

Not to mention it's confusing as fuck. So you mean that I'm only going to hear his impact in the background music they choose for Jersey Shore and Skins or whatever the fuck else MTV is pushing in terms of fake reality TV shows? How fucking lame.

If this move was to perhaps inject some Nic type eclectic music into MTV in terms of adding more actual stand alone music to the show then that would be one thing. But this is just lame on all accounts.

Oh well, end of an era. I guess it's not too bad for Nic in terms of commutes either given that he was just going to the other side of the 10 freeway for KCRW and will now just make a right off the highway to the MTV studios in Santa Monica.

Though I wonder if he's ever going to be able to inject some class to the sinking morality ship we call MTV. What next? Jersey Shore Becomes Eclectic?

You were awesome on the radio, Nic, and you'll be greatly missed.

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