Thursday, June 9, 2011

Teen Titan Suicide Rate Just Went Up

Teen Titan Suicide Rate Just Went Up

So DCnU, in the latest wave of releasing information about its September complete revamping of the comic universe they have their funny book stories in, released a couple of new titles yesterday. Yeah, it's a bad day to like Teen Titans.

You know, I keep hearing the kids these days say that they sure do love early 90's Wildstorm character Backlash. So we better get the dude who drew that to redesign the Teen Titans. How the fuck is this all about? I mean, how do you take Superboy's costume and fuck it up? It's jeans and a t-shirt. A superman t-shirt.

How do you fucking mess that up? Every single costume on that page is god awful. Why does Superboy have a piece of paper taped to his back? Maybe I'm just looking at a bad cover art piece and the costume designs get better, right? Can we see another picture?

Fuuuuuuuuk. Who the fuck is that person who is made out of black clouds/smoke? Oh fuck, please don't tell me that she's Secret. Don't you dare do that to me, DC. Don't you dare take Young Justice and shit on it like you're doing.

And poor Tim Drake. They turned him into the Falcon of the DC Universe. I'm not even sure that he's associated with Batman anymore. And here I was worried that they would have erased him from history with not being in any bat titles. Now I'm debating whether it would have been worse to wear those costumes or to just not exist.

I'm sort of wishing they just did away with him now. Goodbye Tim Drake. I will miss you and the times like this:

Tim is now some shitty Black Condor ripoff, Kid Flash looks like John Fox mated with Geo-Force and what the fuck is up with the mohawk? Superboy looks more metrosexual than his leather jack and spandex days. The other three are pure 90's nonsense

I tell myself that I'll start reading Teen Titans again once it stops sucking so badly. I guess it's far to say that DC just doesn't ever want me to actually read the book.

Perhaps they're just trying to prove people wrong when they say "Well, the franchise can't get any worse!" Because it's pretty clear with this image that yes, yes it could get far worse. There's no way I'm reading a book with characters that look like that.

From the look of it, perhaps they're hinting that Superboy will be playing the same angsty role he is playing the Young Justice cartoon. It's almost exactly how he looks as well. I didn't think there would be a day when I would pray for JT Krul to get put back on the book but here we are.

I mean, what the fuck were they thinking? The problem with teen titans was that as a franchise it's been terrible for so long and perhaps a complete reboot is needed to correct this wronged ship.. So a universe wide reboot is a welcome change for them.

So when they take that Universe-wide reboot and say "Let's take the 90's approach in character design! This ain't your daddy's Titans, Yeeeeah, bitches! How you like them apples?!" It just makes me question their sanity.

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Robert said...

You are 100% percent correct. I can't believe how shitty those new characters look. The only good thing on this book is Rapmund's inking it def. helps the crappy art look less crappy. The creative team looks like a hatchet job choice. I want Ravager, Miss Martian, and Aquagirl back. I really want this to fail so they can try again and hopefully by some fucking miracle get it right.