Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fuck The (World) Police

Fuck The (World) Police

Fuck.. fuck.. Fuck da police! Okay, that's a pretty bold statement but by the end of this blog post I'm hoping you will also join me in saying Fuck da poe-poe! So let's start off small and grow out to the world..

Lesson learned from all this? Don't call the cops about something unless you're okay with that person and possibly other people and pets being shot for no reason what-so-ever.

Maybe you just shouldn't call the cops at all...

Just think, that woman called the police for help and they murdered her dog and her son. I know that

What gets me even worse is listening to that police union rep.
"Listen, these situations have a lot of dynamics, specifics, specify dynamics, and dynamic specifics, so we can't be sure what really happened"
Jesus fucking Christ, really? Oh, and even worse is he bust out the fucking "Bad apples" argument that was used unironically.

Let me clue you in on one thing. It's not even 'a few', the phrase is actually "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch" LEARN IT, MOTHER FUCKRS! I know he's a union rep but he's defending the murderer by questioning the non-murderer cop's testimony. Does this guy represent cops or just killer asshole cops?

Though my anger subsided at that news report when I saw how that local news station actually did a piece called "Cops and colo" that actually talked about how cops are racist assholes. Add that with the fact that the union rep is total scum and we have ourselves a bizarro world.

"I don't have all the facts, but I'm going to slavishly defend this fat murderer until he's convicted by a justice system that sees him as an infallible ubermensch"

Add in that if you're a police union advocate, your most common enemies are you own department's internal affairs people, it's pretty slimy of a job if you think about it.

Cops are shit at just about everything except not killing people. Cops also routinely get away with literal first degree murder in every single jurisdiction in America bar none, this will be no different.

I'm not even going to go into detail about how a Mom of boy Tasered in high school cafeteria files lawsuit, But you can see that the cops have had a lot of legal problems and aren't helping themselves out here.

But when you say fuck the police.. or at least when I say it, we should extend that feeling to the World Police - NATO

Because there's no other police that fucks the people over like NATO does. Just look at this shit.
Pro-democracy fighters have made fresh advances in both the east and the west of Libya, gaining ground against forces loyal to the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, reports say.

Late on Tuesday, NATO resumed bombing the Libyan capital with strikes hitting the east of the city.

Libyan state TV said the bombings had struck military and civilian targets in Firnag, one of the biggest neighbourhoods in Tripoli, and Ain Zara. It said there were casualties.

In the west of the country, the fighters managed to to force government troops into retreat from the town of Kikla, about 150km southwest of the capital, Tripoli, on Tuesday, news agencies said.

And in the east, they launched more attacks against Gaddafi forces near the oil town of Brega, where fighting on Monday killed at least 25 fighters and wounded dozens more.

The wounded were transferred to a hospital in Ajdabiya, 160km south of Benghazi, the de facto capital of the rebels who have been fighting to overthrow Gaddafi since mid-February.

The rebels have spent months trying to seize the strategic oil hub of Brega, which would open the road to Sirte, the Libyan leader's home town, and from there to Tripoli.

They're bombing residential neighborhoods and "civilian targets" in an attempt to terrorize Libya into surrendering its oil. Luckily nobody cares enough about the Libya anymore to consider all these things together, though thanks to Anthony Weiner and Charlie Sheen or whatever white noise pointless news piece - Say for example some Jackass crashing and burning.

At the very least Boehner is calling out Obama on the war powers. Though who knows how little that will actually do for the whole shit.

On a side note, it's funny that people still use caricatures of Gordon Brown because that's just how irrelevant the UK is in any foreign matter.

Obama is now more or less playing the giving aid and comfort to our enemies card with congress to get them to stop making pesky arguments as to why the war is illegal. This situation is far worse than it ever was with Bush.

Yeah, that's right.. I said it, this is far worse than Bush.
The White House has told Congress that President Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack H. Obama has the legal authority to press on with US military involvement in Libya and urged sceptical lawmakers not to send "mixed messages" about their commitment to the Nato-led air war.

Delivering a detailed report to Congress on Wednesday to justify Obama's Libya policy, the administration argued he had the constitutional power to continue acting against Muammar Gaddafi's forces even though lawmakers had not authorised it.

Tensions in Washington over Libya reflected growing unease over US entanglement in a third conflict in the Muslim world in addition to costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and pressure for Obama to clarify the US mission in the north African country.

The 32-page response to lawmakers' complaints followed a warning on Tuesday from House speaker John Boehner that Obama was on thin legal ice by keeping US forces involved in Libya for nearly three months without congressional approval.
That's our Nobel Peace Prize winner Barrack Obama there. Firing missiles and bombing somewhere and having it not qualify as "hostilities".

Then of course there's Yemen
Both the Wall Street Journal and the Washington post report today that the Obama administration is planning to exploit the disorder from the civil war in Yemen by dramatically escalating a CIA-led drone bombing campaign. In one sense, this is nothing new.

So yeah, Fuck the police.

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