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A Sex Scandal With No Actual Sex Involved

A Sex Scandal With No Actual Sex Involved

That's what I just realized with all this Anthony Weiner situation. People actually cared about a terrible politicians cyber-sex adventures enough to make it headlining news for the past two weeks.

Maybe it was just the fact that given his last name, there was an endless amount of word play possibilities. It was ripe for the picking with so much opportunity but yet everyone went after the low-hanging fruit. What a shame really.

I do give this whole scandal some credit thought. It made hundreds of thousands... perhaps even millions of straight men meticulously analyze the picture of a hard cock in boxer briefs. That alone has to be worth something in terms of histories of Scandals. It'll be the Right and to the left of the political scandal conspiracy world.

Though I guess admiring a beautifully sculpted set of pecks or some cock through frabic undies doesn't make you gay. What does is making a website called and putting these pictures on it. I mean, what do you really want to say about that? Come to this site and for only $9.99 a month you'll get more dick pix from

Gotta admit, that sounds pretty damn gay.

Then we move on to the next fucking dumb move he made in his press conference alone. Recall how he just, for some unknown reason, took questions? Yeah.. that was a pretty dumb move given how much of a big can of worms that it opened....

Why would you even say that? I mean... yeah, I get it. You aren't 100% sure exactly how old the person behind the monitor is that you're talking to. But I would hope that if you were tweet stalking someone and leading on conversations of suggested manner, you would have some sense to make sure that they are of legal age..

Why doesn't this guy, as well as everyone else who gets caught up in public scandals realize that they're publicly exposed at all times and if they fuck up even slightly, it will be all over the headlines. So perhaps you should think twice about posting your dick to somebody online so they have both the picture and your words as proof saved on their hard drive.

Maybe it's just that when shit like this happens they don't really fully consider how exposed they are in their day to day lives and they never think about how they can become embroiled in a scandal so easily. Maybe it's a pre-requisite to be seriously oblivious to what being a national figure actually means.

Or maybe it's just Anthony Weiner is a fucking idiot and an over all bad politician who supports bad policies and just doesn't have a clue... you know, your standard Democrat. Do you really need more proof that Weiner's a moron

So really, it's not that surprising that he would get himself into some stupid (no)sex scandal. He's not resigning, even though he really should. Not because he sent lewd pictures to college and very close to barely legal people, but because he made such a big stink in denying the whole thing.

In fact, that's the really annoying fact to all this. How can we ever trust this guy again if he flat out made a mockery out of himself and this situation by outright denying denying and more denying of what he actually did.

And even if you think it's not news worthy of a story, or perhaps if you feel that it would have been fine if he admitted it earlier, I think you're easily forgetting and overlooking the fact that a married man with children who is New Yorks U.S. Representative named Weiner tweeted a photo of his dick to a college girl on his public twitter account.

I mean, really? You really want this man representing you New York? I know New York is full of Jewish people, so maybe if all that didn't offend you, this little facebook message log will do the job..

Why yes.. that does say "A Jewish girl who sucks cock. This thing is ready to do damage!" I mean, it's bad enough to insult to little to no intelligence that the media has. It's another thing to just be flat out racial with your bigotry. You're already hitting up very close to underage internet hot chicks, can you lay off the Jewish jokes?

Then again, from my long history of dating Jewish women (which I suppose I have a pretty extensive history with) I don't think that it came as a surprise if they were ever promiscuous. Quite the contrary, it was pretty much the opposite of them being prudes. Maybe it was because of the religious upbringing, or for that matter in many cases a rebelling against the religious.

So who exactly was the target of this one of many instances of uncalled for sexual advances? Say hello to the lucky lady...

Meet Lisa Weiss, Las Vegas blackjack dealer — and, apparently, phone-sex partner to Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner. Weiss, who came forward on Monday following Weiner's admission that he'd engaged in "inappropriate" online communication with "about six" women, is about to make the congressman's life even more difficult than it already is.

During his tearful Monday press conference, Weiner told reporters "I don't believe that I used any government resources." But Weiss claims that she and Weiner had phone sex on one of the representative's office telephones, and exchanged sexy Facebook messages during work hours. Once, she tells Radar Online, she tried to call him back, only to discover the number he had used answered with "a recorded message that it was an outgoing U.S. Congress line only." Uh-oh.

Weiss says that she and Weiner's online relationship began on August 13 of last year, when she sent him a Facebook message reading in part "i am trying to find the wonderful anthony weiner who i feel in love with for yelling at those damn repubs the other day!" They exchanged as many as 200 messages, during which time Weiner asked for photographs of her vagina, and confessed to her that he was exchanging sexy messages with other women on Facebook. (Here is where you pause and roll your eyes at his stupidity.)

If Weiss' claims are proven correct, it would spell trouble with Weiner, who will soon be the subject of an ethics investigation — one that's specifically looking into "whether any official resources were used." And if Weiner was so brazen as to have used his office phone with Weiss, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that she wasn't the only one.

I'm sure Weiner is wondering why she would do him like that. You're doing him wrong, girl. That dick picture was a special gift from him to you. Now what have you've done to him? That's straight up trippin', yo.

The comedy of all this is that they're really putting focus on when and where things were said. As if it matters. Shit like this from that story just make you shake your head.
"exchanged sexy Facebook messages during work hours."
During work hours?! Oh my goodness! It's as bad, if not worse than pissing away all your work hours online playing Farmville or on your ipad shooting angry birds at pigs. How dare him!? We should open a wide investigation for all this. We could call it weinergate.

Though if you're just catching up with the weeks event the biggest news hasn't even been reached. Nope, we're just getting started and the climax isn't till later. Because you knew what was next in the wave of released shit..

A cock

You're probably wondering if that's a camera phone picture of a camera phone picture pf Weiner's wiener. And yes. Yes it is. Talk about totally being meta as fuck.

It seems that Andrew Breitbart is a man that walks around with a picture of another man's erect penis on his iphone. I assume he does so because said penis has given him relevancy and journalistic credibility. Imagine that. Crazy, I know.

Boy how do I wish that all the erect penises on my phone gave even an ounce of any credibility as a journalist. But here I am on blogspot typing this shit out. It makes you wonder how much longer Breitbart can maintain like this. I would say that at least till the child is born.

Oh wait, I didn't even mention that. It looks like Anthony Weiner's wife is pregnant. That means this sucker is guaranteed to be in the news outlets blocking up the reporting of any real news for at least the next six months.

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