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Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes To War

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes To War

For those of you who depend on BBC America to get your Doctor Who fix.. Man, do I feel sorry for you. Looks like this week you're going to be stuck in the past by 1 week and have to watch the second part of the Real Flesh story arc.

But over across the pond they'll be getting the latest, and last episode before a mid-season summer break (who's idea was that?) which looks to be... well, fucking amazing. For those of you who are staying true to BBC America loyalty.. you may want to look away from this update.

Hell, those of you who want to be completely free of spoilers may also want to look away for a second as this will have some pictures of what is to come. But for the most part, because there's no such thing as Memorial day celebrating in England, they got through that shocking reveal at the end of the episode which leads us to A Good Man Goes To War.

As we saw in the second part cliffhanger, Amy Pond turned out to be some real flesh. This is different than most nerds fantasy of being a real doll. There's about 200 years of technology difference between the two.

It also left us realizing that Amy is indeed pregnant with a time head baby, but also captured somewhere in time and space. More than likely some place in time and space that reminds you a lot like the Star Wars universe.

So what can we look forward to seeing in this episode? Well, here's the SFX teaser for the episode:
  • It is amazing – a true five-star episode
  • There are lots of spaceships – and that’s just in the teaser
  • There is a very Star Wars feel (The Empire Strikes Back especially) even down to the shape of the windows and the music
  • It’s action-packed and feels so much more epic than a usual single parter
  • There are lots of suprise guests stars (and some will be a surprise) but unlike in “The Pandorica Opens” none of them feels wasted – they all have a chance to shine…
  • ...Apart from one maybe
  • It cracks along at a hell of a pace
  • There are some revelations that really will make your jaw drop
  • There is a terrific battle scene at the end (which more than makes up for a slightly underwhelming and confusingly directed one in the first half)
  • Although there’s lots of time traveling, it’s not a timey-whimey-reliant plot.
  • The Doctor produces something very revealing from the TARDIS
  • Rory says something very funny to an old enemy that you can’t believe has never been said before
  • It’s a great episode for both Rory and Amy (and Matt Smith is as brilliant as ever, especially in a sudden, unexpected emotional moment)
  • A throwaway line from last season becomes a major plot device
  • Somebody is asked to make a donation
  • Somebody very unexpected is playing doctors and nurses
  • We get to see somebody’s muff
  • Rory is definitely cool
  • Look carefully at the monitor screens…
  • …And the corridors
Can't wait for it? Well then this little clip about River Song may give you a sample of what is to come.

Apparently, she's just got back from a date with the Doctor on her birthday. There also seems to be two separate Rivers in this episode due to Timey-whimey sort of things. Two River's. I'm sure that will make those fanboys on the internet go nuts as if their comic books were being erased from time and space.

We can expect to see Cybermen in it but aren't the main focus and River's identity is revealed at the end of the episode. Amy's baby might also be named Melody. Now if you take a moment and think about it, Melody Pond.... What happens to both of those items through evolution. It becomes a Song and a River.

Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but you take that with consideration that it's River Song's birthday... Come on, they're not going to make it that obvious, right?

Now if only they'll touch on the subject about the missing ducks from the duck pond from the last season. You just watch, the biggest reveal of the entire Moffat run is going to be the mystery of the duck ponds. I betcha!

Or at the very least they'll use the phrase "Duck, Pond!"

So what else is going on in this episode? Well, based on these pictures I'm going to wager that I haven't the slightest fucking clue.

But it's good to know that the Doctor Who ladies get more and more top shelf every year. Oh, and the non-blue girl is pretty nice looking as well.

I kid, I kid. From what I gather, this person is named Jenny.

I'm not sure if it's THAT Jenny, but it's a Jenny none the less. One that looks pretty cool if I don't say so myself. Maybe there's some merits to this whole Steampunk thing after all.

Besides that, baseless speculation on who she kills can be assumed from the title. A good man goes to war - River says that she killed a good man? The good man is pretty clear to be Rory. He is, after all, the pretty one. I guess what I should obviously prepare for is yet another Rory death. Because we know that it's always going to be like that. Killing poor ol' Rory.

What the fuck Moffat, why you gotta do that to the pretty one? Huh, Huh? What do you have against poor ol' pretty one? This response is just classic though..

The BBC has just announced the cancellation of the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood and a two series deal for The Adventures of Commander Stark and Centurion Rory: Time Bros.

You better enjoy it cause that's all you're getting till September... Yeah, that's right.. FUCKING SEPTEMBER! Man, betcha wish you had a tardis right about now, don't you? But hey, someone who claims to have seen the screener for the episode says that it ends with the following caption: "Doctor Who will return in the Autumn with Let's Kill Hitler!"

I don't know about you but "Let's Kill Hitler!" sounds like a perfect Doctor Who title as well as a whimsical fairy tale that I so want to be real.

Just imagine how that comes up. The Doctor is standing in the TARDIS and ask Amy and Rory what they feel like doing after going through such an ordeal that they just went through and Rory's reply is "Let's kill Hitler".

You really can't make better television than that. Then maybe we will really find out the truth behind River Song. In that she's a Neo-Nazi and the 'best man she killed' turns out to be Hitler. It may not make any sense written here, but by god by the end of the episode we'll all be hitting our forehead realizing how obvious it was back in Silence in the Library.

Well, that's it for now. A few more days and well see the new and last episode for a while of Doctor Who. Now I'll leave you with this nice poster

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