Friday, July 31, 2009

Bus Stop Beating

Bus Stop Beating

Bitch! i saw you smile at that guy in the bus stop!

These things sort of confuse me. While I'm not for domestic abuse, I don't see why it should have more attention paid to it than regular violence. As a victim of REGULAR violence.. and then to add a slap to the face of never getting any sort of compensation for the damage they did, I'm sort of miffed that there's a special swat team that only handles DOMESTIC violence.

So you tell me that if I that tagger lived with me I would actually get some better police service on the matter? Yeah, that's pretty screwed up. While I don't think husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends or wives should abuse the other, I don't see how DOMESTIC violence is any different than REGULAR illegal violence.

Maybe the technology for this bus stop ad is a waste. Maybe it does highlight a specific situation that not everyone is willing to admit that they're getting beaten by their loved one. I just know that it cost a lot more than a poster for the latest film to put into place and if it's anything like the bus stop near my place, it will likely be opened up at night and stolen anyway.

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