Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sandra Lee - Lessons In Saucing It Up

Sandra Lee - Lessons In Saucing It Up

This is Sandra Lee

I know what you're thinking. She looks $#%$ wasted! Yes. Yes she does. While I think her cooking is terrible and her show has equally terrible productive values, I do like to tune in. Mainly because she seems to have many lessons in saucing up your drinks. That is, she pours it on till she's just about to pass out.

"Oh hey, look what I found"

Yes, she models with the vodka.

She's got a death grip on that bad boy

Guess how much she poured into that sucker!

Only one way to find out..

Count one one-thousands. The more she has her lips around that, the more it has to have

Ok, this is just turning me on now..

20 seconds...

So only half the bottle.

Back to turning me on... Oooh cleavage.

Think this is an isolated incident? Let's jump to another episode.

"It's good stuff because the lid is square!"

"See? Square!"

Some of the best freeze frame material possible!

"Momma needs her medicine since daddy's been ignoring her!"

"Oh yeah..that hits the spot"

"Oh yeah...."

"I feel like I can now face the day!"

"Do you need a pick me up?"

"Some damn good camouflage isn't it?"

"Can't see me!"

Ah Sandra Lee. Keep being the crazy self that you are!

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