Thursday, July 16, 2009

Objects In Mirror Are Not What They Seem

Objects In Art Are Not What They Seem

Seems I've been doing a lot more post about art lately. Maybe it's that failed art student in me coming out and shining on pieces I find interesting. This one, for example, is a great one time piece that can't be shown in any institution but should be shared.

Takes new meaning to the whole idea of sidewalk art. Here's how it's made

Pretty impressive, I must say.

Though not all art is free to be seen. Routers reports that Chávez closes artistic exhibition, cites "moral decomposition"

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez slammed on Sunday a traveling exhibit of dissected cadavers, "Bodies Revealed," which has sparked controversy elsewhere, as evidence of the world's moral decomposition.

Chavez said the closure of the exhibition in Venezuela a few days ago was on his orders and that authorities had confiscated the bodies from a show that has been seen around the world by millions of people.

Shows such as "Bodies Revealed," which display cadavers using special techniques that dry out and then preserve them, have set off debate about the scientific or artistic value of the exhibits.

They have also occasionally -- such as when an exhibit reached New York -- become embroiled in controversies over the origin of the bodies and whether people gave permission that their cadavers could be used in such a way.

"We are in the midst of something macabre," Chavez said on his weekly TV show. "They are human bodies. Human bodies! ... This is a really clear sign of the huge moral decomposition that is hitting our planet."

Chavez, an ally of Cuba, told his supporters his self-styled socialist revolution had to be above all spiritual an ethical.

His tax agency closed the cadaver exhibit in Caracas a few days earlier, saying it was investigating if the bodies had been illegally declared in customs as made of plastic.

Seizing the means of art production! Hee, sorry. Socialist jokes aren't always funny. Though I'm a little torn. I'm sort of agreeing with him on this exhibit.

First they came for the traveling exhibit of dissected cadavers and i didnt speak up because i wasn't in a traveling exhibit of dissected cadavers.

Giant modern for-profit exhibition companies are hurting museums, both integrity-wise and financially. Premier Exhibitions Inc.--organizers of Bodies Revealed--is one of the worst offenders, not to mention that Bodies Revealed is just a copycat exhibit and has been sued multiple times by the original Body Works/von Hagens people.

Sure, Gunther von Hagen used executed Chinese prisoners' bodies. Let's just say von Hagens gets a kick aut of his creepy celebrity status and runs a plastination factory in Kyrgyzstan (for legal and financial reasons) that has plastinated thousands of human bodies and the background checks could have been a little more thorough.

Chavez pulled kind of a dick move here. Destroying international art and science is pretty reprehensible, I should know cause America does it all the time, but then again, this is one of the least important things to criticize Chavez about. Did you know Chavez is taking lands away from Coca-Cola. He's worse than fucking Pol Pot. Oh how oppressed must the Venezuelans be now that their horrible dictator is taking away their carbonated beverages from them!

Also as an interesting side note... Apparently the authorities raided this same exhibit and confiscated stuff when it was in South Korea, they just didn't shut the whole thing down like Chavez did.

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