Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Our Americans

We Our Americans

July is the month that we get all patriotic and shit. You know, we remember our troops and we blow shit up in a couple of days just to show that we value or independence. But while we "Support Are Troops" we should also take a minute to realize that We Our Americans, after all.

After all, what would we be without the freedom of speech? It's the greatest tool that. Without it I wouldn't be able to write this blog. Look at what's happening in China right now. You can't even google porn! That's true terror.

Now that's the American spirit!

So in an effort to piss on the very nation that gives me this right, this whole month is going to be filled with pretty unpatriotic blogs. Not because I hate America... no no, mainly because I love this place and I only want it to look at itself and see how fucking stupid it is acting. Only then can it correct this shitty downward motion it is heading down.

So let's see.. what's the best way to see how shitty this nation has got? How about the morons who are bucking the system and running the country into the ground.. the voters.

A perfect example of what I mean. This is why California has a shitty budget plan. We keep on putting neat ideas on the books and we vote for them even though we can't afford them. We see a cool idea on the book and then we fail to realize that we don't have the money to pay for it.. We have a system that it's easy to spend money but impossible to raise taxes to pay for it.

Seriously.. what the fuck? I doubt it's the last great civil rights struggle... mainly considering we're still talking about illegal aliens and has racism towards African Americans ever get resolved?

Oh Peta... what can I say about you that isn't already known on why you ruin everything?

This shit.. While I hate Prop 8, do you really need to go to this low?

Ha. A good American here.. Perhaps this is why our education system is total shit.

What the fuck does that even mean? Again, if you're going to protest, at least try to sound educated.

Somehow this magic bus doesn't use gas or fuel in any way to get you around. Fucking idiots.

I'm dying of the irony here. White suburbia kid holding up this sign? Oh man.. I'm laughing my ass off here.

Someone should have told him how that makes it sound...

So you see, America is full of morons. All this month I'll be highlighting some of the less obvious reasons why I think that. So be prepared to toss me away in a jail cell because I'm going to be very Un-PC friendly this month. At least that is if I don't blow off my hand on the fourth...

Which, while I have you on the line for... If you're in the unincorporated parts of Los Angeles, just remember that it's illegal to have shit that blows up. Seriously folks.. don't do this shit. Cops are running around like crazy that day. Can't you tune in and see explosions or just look up and see the pros do this? Fuck that holiday for the simple reason that it causes so much trouble.

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