Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Truth Is Stranger With Fiction...

Truth Is Stranger With Fiction...

I didn't feel like writing today. So enjoy a sample of fictitious characters come to life. You'll have nightmares on some of these cartoons/ fiction characters come to life...

The Future is scary..

It's time for Aaaaanimaiacs!

For me to poo on!

I sort of feel sorry for the bull. That has to be 5 minutes sold humiliation

Still doesn't make not wearing pants ok.

Ladies, watch your rings

Oh william street. you'll be well Representative in this blog


Pika pi?

Stealin' baskins since the break of dawn

Oh conkers!

They built a theme park for this guy?

Disturbing, I know.. but oh so cute.

How could I follow meatwad by anything less than Mastershake?

To be honest, he's waaaay older than an average teenage turtle.

I'll teach you to throw up another store at the mall!

Oh childhood cartoon memories.

I know this one is going to be tough.. Squidbillies

Fail... whale.

Ducks were very popular cartoon characters

What did I say?

Back to your poke-ball, you!

Was it dog cat or cat dog?

Stop, Chocula time!

Don't let it hug you

I miss my sega days

Yeah.. that's one awesome way to end this. Enjoy your nightmares.

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