Saturday, July 18, 2009

Look Out For The Fall: Day One

Fall Look Out: Day One

The name of this blog is WeirdTV. So perhaps I should cover some television news, right? Here's a show you should look out for in the fall. It's called Day One and is from the same creative forces of Heroes and takes place during the first day of an Apocalypse situation. Here's a trailer for it

I'm sure there's going to be a lot of people who will just write this off as a Jericho rip off. To them I say, guess what, Jericho wasn't anything new to begin with. They've been making apocalypse shows since the beginning. You have the Omega man, Planet of the apes, plenty of Twilight zone shows, Hell, that whole Surface mini-series was about an apocalypse. So don't give Jericho too much credit. While the concept was great, the acting was beyond terrible.

Somethings to really get excited about this is that Javier Grillo-Marxuach is joining the show as a supervising producer. His short lived and much entertaining show Middelman was canceled, but the fact that he has the experience with science fiction does say a lot to the future of this new Sci-fi on network television show. Something that is often as great an idea as putting balloons in a razor balde factory.

I mean, Day One's visuals look cool. It'll of course suffer from bad acting from the cast which is generic (Pretty White Kids with Problems: The Alien Invasion Edition) and the less said about the dialogue the better. I don't think it matters though. Even if it does end up being good it's a sci-fi show on a network. Hell, I'd be shocked if it makes to episode four before being shuffled off to a Saturday time slot in the summer to burn off it's episode order.

Then again, Jericho wasn't Scifi. I mean, it's not like NBC hasn't tried before. Do you remember Surface? Wow what a total shit fest in terms of quality. I suppose the only thing that Surface had going for it was scale and momentum. The sea monsters kept increasing in threat and the implication while they got plenty of reasons to get Lake Bell naked and wet. As proof of the momentum, by episode 2 you had this.

And at the very least the Surface larva(?) ate a dog, it was a glorious creepy television if nothing more for the look of interest in the kids watching the pool. I mean, that right there is all sorts of signs that that kid is going to grow up to be disturbed.

Jericho survived only because it's subject matter was interesting, but the show itself was the worst about a post Nuclear war society since WOOPS! So here's hoping that DAY ONE actually delivers on the goods. Though, I'm sure like Heroes, the series, if it does last past season one, will just end up sucking terribly with bad story arcs that make no sense.

So that's a fall preview for you now. Stay tuned for more on what you're going to staying tuned in for in the fall.

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