Monday, July 6, 2009

Tacky Shit.

Tacky Shit

Upon visiting one of the many vintage shops on my travels up north I ran into a lot of tacky shit. I mean, this stuff was mind numbingly crazy. And I wanted all of them. It made me wonder on what exactly America keeps in their place. I mean, there's a lot of strange shit out there.

So since I already made fun of Americans once this month and the theme of this month is all star spangled and what not, It's the perfect time to bring up something completely American. Collecting crap!

What better way to start this out than with the Patriotic bass which was found at a Radioshack for $6. I'm not a fan of fishing or patriotism, but when the two came together something beautiful happened.

But that's not essential to your home decor. This one is. I have to find me one of these though. I mean, what do you say to the person who's house you step in that you see a Raptor head mounted?

oh look some gold burnished fish couple in formal ... semi-attire

Check out this 60's Kitty Print

There's always something about the classic dogs playing poker

Perhaps the only way to counter it is by having some more cat related items. Say for example a last supper involving kitties.

And this utterly strange cat clock.

Moving on from the cat culture, let's look at the rare animals

And the rarest and most dangerous of all the animals..

Pope John Paul the Second. Truly a scary beast.

These wonderful mugs are from some Dollar store in NJ.

The funny thing is that they're just for decoration and not for drinking as they have a metallic lining inside. Totally classy.

This is Bucky O'Hare

Bucky O'Hare is a stuff doll of a friend of mine. His sister found him at St. Vincent DePaul and decided that he was so ugly he had to go home with them.

He accompanies them on all of their vacations. This is Bucky in Denver:

But the tackiest thing I own must be my erotic string art:

So stay classy, America. Your lusting need to find crap that you can collect and show off to others will only prove that you're a better consumer than them and thus a better American.

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