Monday, May 24, 2010

24 - All Out Of Time

24 - All Out Of Time

The bombs have been found, the president has been saved and our nation is at peace. It looks like Jack Bauer is out of a job and is joining the many who are on unemployment right now starting tomorrow. 24 - You're all out of time.

Yes, that's right. 24 SERIES Finale is tonight.. what ever are you going to do? I'm sure you're still shocked and stunned by the series finale of LOST yesterday. This is just TV's way of adding insult to injury, isn't it? You can even say that this is some kind of torture...

Speaking of which, with Jack Bauer gone, who will be handling all that? Did you see this past season? Jack Bauer tortured someone this past season and I must say, tortured him badly. Jack pulled out a piece of flesh out of his abdomen with pliers, Then cuts him several times in the same area with a serrated knife. Afterward he sprays acid into the wounds, and burns them with a blowtorch. When Jack discovers the man has swallowed a sim containing contact numbers, Jack cuts open the prisoner's stomach and watches him die while he searches his guts...

I mean, how quickly would a sim card make its way down the esophagus anyway? Was this more of 24 playing fast and loose like they did with LA Traffic when it was set here? Just imagine the torture then. Oh No! Whoops, the sim card isn't in the stomach yet, I better cut all the way up from the stomach to the throat just to find this thing. Yes, that right there is quality Television that didn't get enough ratings to warrant coming back. Let's look back at the kill count...

In another situation Jack Bauer captures a suspect. She gives him a recording implicating her associates. Jack Bauer then shoots her several times at close range. I think he needed to lighten the load he was carrying and bullets seemed to be the easiest thing to drop. He's also shot Starbuck and then tortured that Russian dude, then killed the Russian diplomat and now he's going after the Russian president.

I realize a lot of people find nothing morally, ethically, or politically wrong with torture, even when used on American citizens, on the grounds of "If it can save American lives, then the ends justify the means!" but He's not even American!

The second season of 24 is literally oil companies attempting to detonate a nuke in LA (which it does go off in the desert over near Magic Mountain) and framing the middle east to instigate a war for oil profits. All the while this TV series has been nothing more than hilarious endorsement of the patriot acts.

24 essentially was the most effective piece of far-right propaganda the world has seen since Goebbels died. If Goebbels could watch 24, he would do so in stunned silence. A single tear rolling down his cheek. We nee to start taking responsibility for the media we consume. Inoculate yourself with propaganda of your own choosing if you will, I suppose that's the reason I stopped watching, or at least just watch in stunned horror that anyone could actually support Jack Bauer and praise him as a hero. While Kiefer Sutherland is a great guy and I had a god chuckle with him in my day.. Jack Bauer is a terrible character and nothing like the fun loving drunker that Kiefer is...

And this is a bit of a shock considering I own a couple of 24 stuff. I have a couple of CTU shirts, though I have them in that sort of Ironic way. The same way you wear a "I'm with stupid" shirt or put a "my other car is a light cycle" bumper sticker on your car.

Maybe I just feel some guilt because I worked on this show back in the early seasons and I would see the scripts and see how Pro-conservative agenda they were and just sort of feel a little sick as to what sort of image we were portraying about the state of the nation. How it was beyond stupid that no one got the fact that the majority of the villains in these shows, and I mean the REAL bad guy, were our elected officials and those in power. I.E. The White Guy at the top of a corporation. And yet people still rallied around the idea that we can't trust Browns.

24.. you had a um.. "good" run? No, I can't even say that. After season 3 they were limping to the barn. The last season even had a lot of the writers come out and say they had no fucking idea what to do next because all of the ideas they could come up with are just rehashed old 24 scripts.

I guess I should stand by my convictions and get rid of my 24 Jack bag, right? But I'll tell you, even if it looks pretty gay to carry one, the fact that it has a CTU metal pin I got from my seasons working on the show, I'll not even watch the show tonight. I mean, who really needs to see one man kill 266+ people in 7 days 22 hours?

How will it all end? Well, my guess is that it'll end with Jack Bauer shaking hands and hugging all the people he's killed in slow motion in a church while sappy music plays and nothing is resolved.

Also, with the stupid image of a clock

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