Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life After Trimming Those Nine Inch Nails..

Life After Trimming Those Nine Inch Nails..

Nine Inch Nails is done with. The last tour echoed the final run that NIN was going to perform for a long time. What's left is.. well, Trent Reznor doing things. You know the guy, he can't keep still for more than a few months without making some sort of noise.

He already has a new band called - How To Destroy Angels with a new music video for a song called The Space In Between. It's up on Pitchfork, but here, let me embed it.

This seems to be a side group consisting of Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig Reznor and Alan Moulder. There's a 6 track EP slated to be released sometime in the summer, because when I think dark brooding music, I think summer.

The first single, A Drowning, can be found here or if you want to download it, here for $0.99 or here if you are from the UK So far the rumored track list is

1. The Space In Between (3:34)
2. Parasite (5:04)
3. Fur-Lined (4:00)
4. BBB (3:31)
5. The Believers (5:35)
6. A Drowning (7:03)

Here's another sampling of what's in store - The Believers

The site has a few teaser videos on it.

Everybody seems to have forgotten about this, but the release was on track so if you can't wait for that or you want your taste of classic NIN, on the 26th, the soundtrack to Tetsuo III was released in Japan. Tetsuo is probably the most industrial feature-length movie ever made, so it only makes sense. The final track is by Trent and is credited to Nine Inch Nails

Disc 1
1. Scla (0:58)
2. Sparky (4:06)
3. Sand I (1:57)
4. Shizuka I (0:53)
5. Double I (2:58)
6. Run (1:19)
7. Shizuka II (2:08)
8. Born I (0:48)
9. Born II (0:55)
10. Re Born (0:55)
11. Depth (4:21)
12. Zinc (1:43)
13. Block (2:45)
14. Regeneration (1:19)
15. Double II (1:20)
16. Sand II (3:22)
17. Theme For Tetsuo The Bullet Man (5:33)

And if you want to bring up my happy childhood, T Rez may do the Doom 4 soundtrack? This is like the 3rd time they've tried to get him back since Quake, but now that he's sobered up and NIN is supposedly on hiatus, maybe it'll actually happen.

So there you go, the day the world went away may be something to sing about, but Trent Reznor sure as shit isn't..

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