Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gingers Getting All MIA

Gingers Going MIA

It should be common knowledge if you're a regular reader of this blog that I find red heads to be fascinating. I love the comedy styling of Conan and well, let's face it.. Red hair is something I just really like.. I mean.. as strange as that sounds and as often as I have been asked "What's the deal with that?", it should be out there.

Even with the fact that redheaded women I've known in my life having a track record of being pretty much universally crazy. So maybe that's the justification to keep them locked away and separated from the rest of society in the latest MIA video, which I'm pretty sure that you have seen by now. Yeah, this blog post is a little img-timeline.jpg, but it's the first time I had a chance to post it as other days have been set up with other junk.. Yeah.

Well, the latest MIA video now depicts red heads in the situation that people even look Mexican are now faced with in Arizona.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

I think it's pretty clear what this means... Death to Arizona.
M.I.A. probably didn't plan to release her new video -- which graphically shows the U.S. government violently kidnapping and assaulting redheads, then taking them out to the desert to kill them -- as a commentary on Arizona's incredibly controversial SB 1070.

Then again... Hmmmm.

Kinda makes ya think, huh?
The real fucked up thing is that a shitload of old white people in Arizona would have no problem with this happening in real life if they were Mexicans. In 2009, Time magazine placed M.I.A. in the Time 100 list of "World's most influential people" for having "global influences across many genres". The video in itself is pretty boring though. They spoon-feed you the whole point halfway through, and then hit you over the head with it for another three and a half minutes. The song is just a sample of a much cooler song with some yelling over it.

This would make some impact if anyone other than me cared about red heads. There's no difference between them and blonde/black hair or whatever. When it comes down to it, all this shit about them being "unique" is fucking stupid star children shit. I only care about them because, as friends put it, I have a fetish. Calling someone 5th/6th generation Irish Americans "Irish" is fucking stupid. Non-ginger white people just hate gingers because they are basically caricatures of white people. Reflecting how comical you look.

First off, stop saying "ginger" It's fucking stupid and they're not actually ginger colored. Though, I can see where you folks are coming from. Ginger.... Nigger.. look at the letters. It's just rearranged. Can't you come up. Second off, that scene with the dude smoking a joint and the Virgen de guadalupe in the background as cops just blow past fucked with my expectations in a fun way. with a better slur?
I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name
If you come around here, I make 'em all day
I get one down in a second if you wait
I would hesitate to say killing male redheads is actually okay with me, but then I realize that it would end the potential gene pool of red heads for future generations. I need to think ahead here. Did you know that Ireland has a lower population today than before the potato famine? I also just realized why calling a police van a "paddy wagon" isn't okay after all. Yes, give it a moment to sink in.

I do wonder though. Do you think the Mexican population would ever rise up (and be mercilessly slaughtered by the ruling whites) against the government for blatantly racist shit like the bill/law currently in Arizona? I mean, come the fuck on. Show me your papers? Fuuuuck you. How often do you think Americans will rise up against anything for any reason whatsoever? None! Not a single god damn time.

But then I don't think MIA is really the one to spread this message home. I mean, there is this after all...

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