Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo

First off, here's a little Cinco de Mayo message;

But that leads to another hot topic issue.. What to do about illegal aliens. Cause hey, we know that they sure as hell celebrate May 5th in Mexico... oh wait, no, they generally don't. It's one of those white people holidays to sell more beer and get Brad and Chad to eat a taco.

It is one of those useless holidays that seems to be pushed more so by the media to sell chips, salsa and other cliche gimmick shit. As well as provide an excuse for excess drinking and arrest towards those who are light weight drinkers that was to be cool and join in on the Mexican festivities. It's no better than St. Paddy's day. Kiss me, I'm brown!

Someone recently asked me if I can explain why illegal immigrants deserve amnesty. It's simple. If Capital can cross borders, so can we. NAFTA and similar trade agreements enable capital to freely cross borders, but places restrictions on labor doing the same thing, which necessarily grants more power to the owner of capital than to the producers of labor and encourages the stratification of wealth.

We also stand to gain more from taxing them as legal citizens than spending a large amount of money rounding them up and deporting them all. How much can be saved by not dealing with the massive construction of a wall separating the two sides as it is being discussed?

Even if we somehow did manage to deport all the illegal immigrants here, our economy would shrink noticeably. If you have to choose between having illegal immigrants living in fear, being exploited with no safeguards to their even basic human rights, and having them here as legal citizens, paying taxes and more easily being able to use social services, which would you choose?

What was the expression? Give me your tired, poor, wretched masses.. but only if you are a skilled laborer with a degree, or married to a lawful resident.

I find it comical and strange how the same people who harp on about the free market also believe that there is something wrong with jobs being done better and for less. Perhaps it's because the free market doesn't really exist. In reality, the free market is basically the best argument for 100% free and open borders.

It's counter productive to punish people, and spend a lot of money doing so, for helping your economy. Illegal aliens don't DESERVE amnesty, it's just the smart thing to do. Perhaps we should repeal the emergency Quota Act.

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