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People Who Have More Sex Than You

People Who Have More Sex Than You

For the next 30 days this couple will have more sex than you
Have sex with your partner every day for consecutive 30 days.

Shawn Scott, age 32, is a partner in a computer firm.
Lauren Scott, age 29, owns her own company throwing celebrity charity events.
Lauren also stays at home with their 2 and half year old son Ayden.
Shawn and Lauren are from Granbury, TX and have been together for 13 years and married for 8 years.

Spicing it up in the bedroom.
"We got offered the chance to do the 30 days and thought why not how fun!!! We are excited about the adventure and making it fun all the way around! It will be interesting how it turns out as far as keeping it out of just a routine and making it exciting and fun! We also understand how the rut of everyday life takes a toll on your sex life and this way we are committing to focus on bringing it back in!! Should be an interesting 30 days..." says Lauren.

It is an exciting offer to get from a TV News program, the chance to have sex with your wife, everyday, for 30 days. I mean, how do you keep the spice in your sex life after you were boning for all those years and after 13 whole years. Thankfully the have decided to share this exciting journey in their sex life with all of us.

Day 1 posted:

DAY 1: So after a long day of shawn at the office me here with ayden and finishing proposals we are excited to get our first of 30 days going. Isnt it funny how you get into your routine of life and dont even focus on your bedroom. Well no more all day long I have been reminded by either people on facebook, friends and family that today is the beginning of our journey!!! So Dishes done, baby down, lets start this off with a bang!!! Literally wish us luck!!
First off.. DON'T FUCKING USE LITERALLY WRONG, YOU WORTHLESS BITCH! As you can see all the dishes are done and all of their friends and family are very excited they they will be engaging in intercourse tonight. The important thing is to remain accountable to your friends and family that you are having sex every night for 30 days, daily reminders will help.

Day 2 posted:

DAY 2: Well everything's on the up and up ....literally!!!! Great day and still on track! 2 days down 28 days to go!!! Just about everyone knows about this little experiment now! We seem to get two different responses from first it is, "That's awesome...more couples should do it!" Or we get, "Are you crazy? I cant believe your doing that for TV!!" Well, we are and I must's fun!!

Can you believe it, the two of them have had sex twice! In two days! Can they keep this up? Who knows! But it should be an exciting 30 days for all of us. Am I the only one who lost his boner the moment she abuses the hell out of the word literally and misuses it.

Just think of this whole idea. Once a day for thirty days... How whacky! Maybe this was just one of their ways to trick the other person into period sex. Most of all, does anal sex still count as sex for this challenge?

I mean, is it that big of a deal to have sex every day? I must be some sort of sex addict because I could really go for it twice a day. What about this is news worthy? I can't even buy that it's cause they're "middle aged" because they're 32 and 29. I just turned 30 and I think I'm more in the mood than I ever was. This guy is a complete pussy for not wanting to take his wife daily already.
Isnt it funny how you get into your routine of life and dont even focus on your bedroom.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't forcing yourself to have sex every day for 30 days as part of a "challenge" make sex become routine? There has to be nothing less sexy than being obliged to have sex. Don't get me wrong, having sex on a daily basis is not abnormal. In fact, usually younger people in relationships have sex before they go to sleep... almost every night. They should have chosen a 50+ year old couple or they should have chosen a couple that was on the brick of a bitter divorce and never had sex to see what happened there.

The couple already has sex every other day according to the news report. So it's going to be really awesome to have forced sex for the first week. You know, before it starts to get routine and like a chore to do, then when she can't get wet anymore at the thought of his cock probing her uninterested vagina, I'm sure it's just going to feel more and more like rape. My, doesn't that sound like a hoot, dude. Where do I sign up for this?

Goddamn these people are vanilla as all hell. That guy has to resort to a contest to get laid. Most of the pictures of just her are when she's in the kitchen, and when it's just him, his fat ass is on the computer. Keep living that dream, you incompatible fuckers. They really found the most mediocre, shlubby looking people they could and gave them this weird little indecent proposal. They don't even win anything except boring vanilla sex for a full month.

Then again, maybe I'm being a little too hard on them. Assuming that 2 year old is a lot of trouble to take care of and between that and a full time job, I suppose they would be amazingly tired to get sexual nightly. I feel bad for the kid. In 10 years he's going to be looking up his parents on whatever future Google search engine there is at the time and blow his brains out with a laser gun when he finds this.
"Breaking news, local man finds courage to bone his wife more than once a month, more at six."
I don't know about you, but I'd divorce someone who thought whipped cream and a french maid outfit fell under the category of "mixing it up." I don't mean to vilify vanilla sex because it's great and all, but it's not something that warrants a blog or contest on the weird, voyeuristic local news channel.

To be honest, this is a pussy challenge. How about you go 365 days of straight sex for your husband's birthday
When her husband turned 40, Charla Muller couldn't decide what to give him, so she offered him guaranteed sex every night for a whole year. Could they manage it? And what would be the effect on their marriage?
My god, it sounds like a pitch for a new sitcom on CBS this fall, right after Two and a Half Men! Tune in! It's quotes like this that get me.
"What about spontaneity? "I felt the opposite. I felt the pressure came off. He no longer thought 'Tonight is a big deal, the only night we'll have sex this month is now, it's got to be really special.'"
Jeez... Seriously, what the fuck? As if I didn't have enough worries and reason to not want to ever get married. This idea that sex can get boring just screams that you're with the wrong person. You know how you can be incompatible with another person due to personality quirks and lifestyle? Well you can be that way sexually if you two don't meet eye to eye.. or at least genitalia to genitalia. Then it's bound to lead to an unhappy situation.

Regardless of how busy your life is, a sex less relationship is not one anyone should be in. Hell, just look at Cosmo's Sex Position of the Day guide as it has many illustrated positions for the less creative fools out there. But by no means call this some sort of ground breaking marriage challenge.

If I'm ever in the situation where I'm going to the Madonna Hotel or role playing for anything more than something it gets me off and actually trying to use it as a method to recharge my relationship's sex life.. Shoot me. Please, just shoot me. Especially in the face with a 12 gauge shot gun if it's being blogged about so the world can see how "kinky" I am with my partner as we try on something bought at *gasp* victoria's secret.

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