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Avengers Day

Avengers Day

Today is Avengers Day. So what is Avengers Day?
The Earth’s Mightiest Retailers assemble on May 19th for the inaugural, first-annual, Avengers Day! This historic event marks an all new era for Marvel’s greatest heroes as the Avengers come together to usher in The Heroic Age. Mark your calendars and be the first person on your block to score great Avengers Day commemorative items like exclusive limited edition print featuring John Romita Jr.’s “I Am An Avenger” images, door hangers, mini-posters and more! Plus, fans can’t miss the chance to add their own heroes to the Avengers roster by sketching on the Avengers #1 I Am An Avenger Blank Variant and purchase the stunning Avengers Poster by John Romita Jr!
In short, it's what Valentine's Day is to Hallmark. An excuse to sell some funny books. Well.. it's a marketing gimmick mostly, but if you're into comic books, today is the day when the newest Avengers book gets released. I suppose I should add it to my list.

My List
Save the World
Punch Norman in the Face
Have a Beer
Buy new Avengers book

This whole story arc is the start of the Heroic age for Marvel. What that means is that for the longest time Marvel has been a pretty gritty place. Villains were in charge.. aliens invaded the world and actually were in charge making executive choices. The whole idea was to make the heroes the bad guys and keep them as the underdog for a while. Well, they finally get back to the status quo.

The bad guys are the bad guys and the good guys are the good guys and just in time! We need to restore the balance before next year when we get one step closer to an Avengers movie when we get a Thor flick and a Captain America movie. Two more components to assembling them Avengers.

Now the biggest surprise in the future Avengers film is that Joss Whedon is directing it
Marvel Studios recently announced that Joss Whedon has been hired to direct "The Avengers" and that he has already started re-writing the script. Many fans are confidant in Whedon's writing skills, but what about his work behind the camera?

During yesterday's conference call to promote an episode of "Glee," which he directed, Whedon admitted that he still has a lot to learn about helming. "I have no directing skills," he said.

Whedon hasn't directed much outside of television ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," "Dollhouse"). His only feature film credit is for "Serenity," a big screen adaptation of the "Firefly" show. So while he is a great writer and has a relationship with Marvel, maybe it was too early to hand him the biggest superhero franchise. It looks like even Whedon thinks so.
You know what this means, right? Well it means you'll be seeing a lot more Whedonverse actors show up as Avengers. Hell, the first one was signed on recently with Nathan Fillion being cast in the role of Hank Pym. Yes, that's right. Captain Tight Pants is going to be a scientist who beats his shrinking wife and controls ants as... Ant-Man.

Some part of me wants to see an Ant-Man film by Edgar Wright more than ever now because of this. I mean, just think of Castle riding an ant! It'll be just as fun as watching Iron Man. And don't say you haven't watched or enjoyed anything from Joss Whedon. From Buffy to Angel to Firefly to Dollhouse to.. hell, if you enjoyed Glee yesterday, that was Joss Whedon directing ol' Neil Patrick Harris singing.

I guess the real question is when is Alan Tudyk going to get signed on to play Hawkeye? But back to the comics for a second. It's Bendis as writer on this newest Heroic age Avengers book. Which is a good thing considering he's been behind the last few years of Marvel's general direction. What I don't like though is the art direction.

I know it's a very unpopular view point but I cant' stand JRJR. His art looks god awful. Just take a look at this stuff. All his characters look blocky beyond belief. It sort of looks like a god damn Marvel Adventure coloring book

I'm not sure how I'll make it through this next story arc or two with JRJR as the artist. Here's hoping Mark Millar is writing another Kick-Ass movie/book so that JRJR could go back to that shit. Cause really, I'm liking the variant cover to Avengers #1 a whole lot more.

Another bad aspect ot the book is that they're making the terrible kids movie Avengers Next and putting them into the comic world. But hey, at least they're putting nerds in their books now.. right?
Date: 5/17/10

To: Average internet comic reading nerd
From: Jarvis, Edwin
Re: Application Status

Congratulations True Believer!

After careful consideration we are pleased to announce that you have been chosen to join the ranks of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, THE AVENGERS!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the photo you submitted will be featured in: AVENGERS #1

Yes, that's right. It looks like the Avengers are scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to candidates for who can join the Avengers. What next? A black man gonna rob Iron Man's suit? No wonder Tony Stark shoots water melons.

So what's the future of the Marvel Universe? Well, there's a shadow blah blah story arc coming up, but I guess they're going to roll with the status being quo for a while. Well, except Steve Rogers will no longer be Captain America. Frankly, I'm actually really happy about that as Bucky Barnes has been really good in the position.

Steve Rogers is also taking up the role of Jack Bauer of the Marvel Universe, only with some higher moral standing and ethical principals involved in the matter. I mean, 24 is a pretty shitty show which no one should look up to Jack.. because he's a pretty big pile of shit to the rest of human kind all in the name of right-wing conservationism.

But hey, as long as he's still alive I guess it'll be alright for some of the comic reading world. So there you have it. Hope you enjoy your Avengers day. Go get your books and get your read on.

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