Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Douche Bags on a Boat

Summer Douche Bags on a Boat

Today I'm going to rant about summer. Actually, not about summer in general, but what the lack of cold weather brings out in terms of human garbage. My god, did I just say human garbage? Yes. Yes I did. And it's true. There's really some people who are nothing more than human garbage for many reasons, to be honest, but mainly, and in this situation one reason alone... decadence.

Take a look at this product.

Would you look at that. Oh, what? You think it's just a plastic inflated tube being pulled by a boat? Hmm, let me put some context into it with something else in the picture. Maybe a hot chick in little amounts of clothing.

Yes, now you get it. It's a magic swim, an inflatable pool that you drag behind your yacht. How wonderful is that? Look at how happy they seem with the new found ability to go swimming when they're out in the ocean!

Who the fuck comes up with these products? You're out with a shit ton of water, why do you need a fucking pool to drag behind your boat? I just don't get it. Is the ocean just not good enough for your body to be covered in?

Maybe it's just trying to predict the future of the ocean when it's completely polluted. They should have the selling put that taps into your childhood memories. Now you too can swim in the gulf o Mexico just like you did as a kid!

I thought if you had enough money to own a yacht, you'd also have enough taste to not own things like this. This isn't classy. This is just fucking stupid. But hey, let's say goodbye to these two and allow them to enjoy their sanitized pool side adventure.

Fuck this gay earth.

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