Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get Lost, Lost

Get Lost, Lost

After six long seasons it's finally over. It's finally done with. Your major case of blue balls from unanswered questions getting addressed with even more questions is finally over. So in honor of it, let's let the good clips roll!


Top 10 spoilers for Lost

This mash up seems about right..

This is the real question I want answered..

Lost - censorship

Well, there we have it. East Coast is getting the feed now.. and so is the rest of the world.. well, minus the west coast and.. you know, Hawaii.. the place where this was all filmed. I'm wagging my finger at that shit.

As for the final predictions... I'm guessing that the Man in Locke will end up destroying the island, creative a massive rift in the ocean floor. A gigantic claw will erupt from the depths

Cut to black

Cloverfield 2

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