Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back To The Past

Back To The Past

This message is being sent from one hour into the future-uture-uture-uture! Yes, that's correct. With the help of science and time paradox principles discovered by farmers who had to wake up earlier in the winter due to the sun's lack of sunniness, I'm sending you this message from one hour into the future with some dire warnings!

Don't do that! Whatever you were thinking of doing in the next hour, DON'T! It's very important and your future depends on it. I can't get into details with you so far as I can say that your life... and mine depends on the things you do in the next hour.

Remember how your mother told you that nothing good happens between 12am to 3am. She was right and if you're me then let me just tell you that we got into some serious shit in the next hour and I plan on making sure that those mistakes aren't repeated!

Though if I make sure you don't repeat those mistakes, aren't I destroying my own self? I mean. If you don't make those mistakes then I don't need to be here back in time an hour to help you not make them. In turn, I only exist to stop myself from making the mistakes that I have to make in order to be here.

Deep shit, wouldn't you say? But perhaps your mind isn't melting just yet. That is a good thing. I do still need your help in correcting the wrong that occurred in the hour that is in front of you. Or maybe you'll just use that extra hour to get some sleep that those asshole farmers stole from you back before Easter.

Funny story - I have a clock that I keep near the bed. It's one of those radio alarm clocks that has terrible radio reception that just sounds like static. For the majority of the year it is one hour ahead. I can't explain it but then about two weeks or so before tonight it fixed itself. Suddenly the time it is showing is correct. Now this wouldn't be too much of an issue if it wasn't for the fact that it fixed itself and will now be one hour ahead after tonight.

Anyhow, You have an extra hour. One hour that was borrowed back in Spring. Use it wisely.. or just use it to get angry at the fact that bars close at 1am instead of 2am today.

What the fuck is up with that anywa----*

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