Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Conversation About Killing Animals

A Conversation About Killing Animals

To the average American, the killing and preparing of animals for home consumption is the butcher's business. It's a messy process and much like hot dogs, one that many would rather not talk or think about. This isn't a subject taboo for more hunters. And may I add, I have no idea why the even call it a sport. Hunting in the modern day is as far removed from a sport as possible.

The profession of hunting is so far removed from what it once was when there was som danger connected with hunting, as in the days when men used spears for killing game. But today, when anybody with a fat belly can shoot the animal down at a distance, hunting and horse racing are the last remnants of a dead feudal world.

Don't get me wrong, hunting is a perfectly fine thing to do as long as you eat what you kill. And I mean make use of every god damn thing that creature had to justify the snuffing out of its existence. Bringing this back to the start, I think that everyone who eats meat should have the knowledge and the will to kill and dress an animal.

Let's just put it out there, the idea is simple. Humans killed off all the natural predators of deer, so it's really our responsibility to keep the deer population in check. Most drivers do it unbeknown to them when they run into one on the back wood highways of whatever secluded area with low viability in their S.U.V's.

Besides that, hunting looks interesting. I would probably do it if not for the waiting game, which is why I think many Americans who hunt just drive around in their pick up and shoot at shit with automatic weapons like they do in the talkie pictures.

For some, the wait is the best part. Being in nature is a great thing and harvesting her bounty is the ultimate reward for being the apex predator of apex predators. Oddly enough, even with this in mind I do believe that fishing is so awfully boring that I never want to do that again....

... Well, at least not sober.

Maybe it's just that everyone hasn't experienced some joy in fishing. Or maybe it's just that sitting in nature or at the end of a dock isn't exactly exciting in the least. I think it's like my idea of hiking over rock climbing, where in I'd rather be hiking as the time spent will appear more fulfilling in that I'm further away from my starting point for all the energy spent. Much more interesting things to interact with and destroy on a hike than by spending two hours in one spot or going the total of 20 feet up.

On that note though, I do get a smile to my face when I see a dad or mom fishing with their kids. It's at least that step in the direction that it's time spent with the child. Even if it's in the process of killing nature.

On a side note, it's literally shit like this that I will never want to live in the country side.

Maybe this is a situation where being drunk is a key component to enjoying that act like the fishing situation. Though maybe you shouldn't operate a loaded weapon while completely shit faced. You may actually end up shooting the hunting show cameraman.

Though, speaking of the act of killing while not sober, this caught my eye:
The Clark County sheriff’s office received a call from a man who said his hunting partner shot another hunter in the head at Buck Creek State Park before 5:30 p.m. Thursday. A male hunter was found suffering from buck pellet shots from a .20 gauge shotgun to his head and back. He was transported to Miami Valley Hospital by medical helicopter. After investigation, sheriff’s deputies identified the alleged shooter as Bobby J. Fawcett.

Fawcett was squirrel hunting with a friend when the incident happened. Fawcett told investigators he saw an object moving in some thick underbrush and fired his weapon into it, striking a man who was bow-hunting for deer. Fawcett said he and his hunting partner immediately called 911. During the investigation, deputies smelled an odor of alcohol on Fawcett and tested his blood alcohol concentration. Authorities said the test revealed a .12 BAC level, which is over the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle.
Double-barrel buckshot. Ouch. That's some serious shit right there.

I guess we go back to the debate. Should you kill or not kill? I say you should. Though be respectful of the kill... then there's other times when it's just self defense..

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