Thursday, November 17, 2011

If You Believe They Put A Man On The Moon....

If You Believe They Put A Man On The Moon....

Then you have fucking common sense. I can't say how surprised I am by the fact that people still have doubt that we could put a man into orbit and land on the moon. Especially with this most recent Apollo 18 movie that recently came out.

Basically when that came out the whole notion of landing on the moon again came up, which always leads to the basics that someone believes that they don't believe that we landed on the moon.

Basically I was reading that it would have been far more expensive to fake the moon landing than it would have cost to send someone to the moon itself. It basically boils down to the simple fact that while we can film the moon's surface on a soundstage, we are still going to have to launch a real Saturn V into space because everyone can see that. Then we'll have to actually send it to the moon because amateur radio operators and astronomers will be able to track the astronaut's path.

We would also have to land something on the moon, because if we just went into orbit the Soviets, and everyone else, would have known that we faked it. We also would then have had to have something leave the surface, after remotely deploying the reflectors of course. And then re-enter the atmosphere creating a sonic boom.

So in the end, we pretty much had do to everything for real except land on the moon, which after getting all the way there was probably the easiest part of the whole mess.

So after all that, can the people who claim it was staged, could you please shut up now? Oh wait.. Evidence has never shut up conspiracy theorists.

Oddly enough, when ever more convincing evidence is discovered, that's when it makes things worse in their eyes. The evidence is often very convincing which means that the conspirators must be even more powerful than they thought to rise against it and disprove it.

Many thought that the smoking gun had to have been the flag waving because a flag would decidedly not act like that on the moon with its lack of oxygen and what not. However, it would indeed look like that if you had a bar across the top as the pictures indicate. Because they already were prepared for this shit and knew that a flag on a pole would just hang limp there in the lack of wind. So yeah, it was basically a photo op.

The main defense on the whole lack of moon landing is that equipment back then must have really sucked and would be equal to driving your car with your old Compaq. This is something I just don't get. I always get baffled that people are able to refer to the space program in such a blase way. Just the fact that they got it out of Earth and into another celestial body is insanely amazing, but then when you consider how low tech the equipment they used was to do all of this with, it just becomes even more amazing. .

People around the world should all be stopping every so often to sit and calm themselves down because the very notion that people have walked on the moon is pretty incredibly mindblowing, let alone that they did it 40 years ago before the internet. So how about you act a little more like this:

And enough talk about how it's all a hoax. Thank the Lord for the Daily Mail and their intelligent journalists here in the UK. They have explained exactly why the moon landing were not faked with another one of their tremendously accurate articles.
Why are no stars visible in the Apollo photos?
The Apollo landings took place during lunar mornings so the stars were not bright enough to be captured on camera.
Who filmed Neil Armstrong take the first steps?
A video camera was fixed on an extending arm to swing out and capture the historic moment.
Why did the heavy Landing Modules make no impression on the surface, while the astronauts' footprints did?
The layer of lunar dust on the rocky moon is thin, so was blown away from the landing area by the descent engines. This dust resettled by the time the astronauts left the module.
Why does the flag wave?
It was rigged with a rod and wires so that it would look as if it was unfurled and blowing in Apollo photographs.
Why didn't the Lunar module show a flame when it took off from the Moon?
The fuel used does not produce a flame in a vacuum.
Perhaps tomorrow they'll blow the lid off all the stupidity around the 9/11 cover-ups. In any case, this quote sticks out to mind and should be a nice ending to this post:

The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there's no good reason to go into space--each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision.

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