Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Your Computer

Occupy Your Computer

Yesterday the New York Police Department decided that they needed to break up the NY division of Occupy Wall Street. How did they do that exactly? But with what else, this thing:

What is that dish on top of a truck, you ask? I'm glad you have an interest as you should turn up your computer speakers all the way to the furthest that they can go and right before your head could potentially explode and click play on this video:

Annoying, isn't it? The technical name for it is the "warning tone", which works on the same principle as the memorex wine glass to vibrate your skull till you can't take it any more. It's really quite loud in the general area altogether. So the police wear protection, but the field of real effect is really focused.

Sadly there is some OWS members who think that the LRAD is just so that the cops can talk to the public really loud and is not actually a weapon. Those people are fucking morons. The police wear earplusg because while it's doing the DEATH SOUND it lets out a really loud BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP which is audible to everyone nearby even if you're not in the Death Sound Zone. Which is what you were hearing in the video.

Now I know you're asking yourself "Couldn't they just shoot and damage the panel preventing it from being functional?"

Why yes, they can do that. Choose to do that, on the other hand, is probably not the wisest thing. As I'm sure that it's not a good idea to shoot a gun in the direction of the cops. Because once you shoot even remotely close to the cops it means you're pretty much committed to escalation that will come in the form of some blunt object hitting your head and a night in lock up.

At the time of writing this a lot of shit is going down in the NY OWS, for example they brought in the bulldozer to take out the encampment. The NYPD was literally tearing and ripping down the safer spaces tent. You know, the tent intended to make women feel safer. Now that's some shit.

So it's just a matter of what you can do? Well, for one thing, you can be an active viewer of this history. Just click on whatever Occupy Movement you want to follow and there's a pretty good chance that the steam will be up for it. BY CLICKING ON THIS TEXT.

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