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If there's any Occupy movement that I'm more proud of, it has to be Occupy Oakland. Oakland just makes me feel really good. Like playing a real good post-apocalyptic video game and having the feeling that you're humanities last hope. Berkeley's OWS group just makes me want to shit in my hand and throw it at the liberals.

Did you know that Havard actually had an OWS movement. Though it was closed off from any of the riffraff. Besides that, it seems like there's not too many 99% there. Not that most of the OWS movements feel like they're actually doing much of anything.

Whenever I looked at the OWS movement a certain film came to mind every time...

So that's why Occupy Oakland just makes me feel like something is actually being done besides the above scene. Maybe it's just because they have had the experience from all those years with the Raiders, but they seem to somehow get it.

Well, you know... I don't like the republicans or the democrats, but I think the best option is to vote for Obama again... How that makes the most sense, I do not know.

Might I add that MIC CHECKS will never not be funny to me. The whole act in itself just seems really really silly. I can just picture it now in other situations
Obama steps into the chamber of congress to deliver the state of the union. he steps up to the podium and waits for the applause to die down. he begins: "the state of our union is--'. bernie sanders steps up and says in his barely audible voice, "mic check". the entire progressive caucus rises to meet him and shouts "mic check" in unison.
then you wake up

Know why I dislike Berkeley so much? Check out the new definition of "nonviolence", courtesy of the UC Berkeley chancellors:
It is unfortunate that some protesters chose to obstruct the police by linking arms and forming a human chain to prevent the police from gaining access to the tents. This is not non-violent civil disobedience. By contrast, some of the protesters chose to be arrested peacefully; they were told to leave their tents, informed that they would be arrested if they did not, and indicated their intention to be arrested. They did not resist arrest or try physically to obstruct the police officers’ efforts to remove the tent. These protesters were acting in the tradition of peaceful civil disobedience, and we honor them.
ahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah... FUCK!

If only the power of such idiotic mouth farts could be harnessed in canister form, the California cops would never have to buy tear gas again. So no non-violent protester in the history of protesting has ever angered the police--..

The only difference between then and now is that if they had the technology, those hoses would be full of mace and that's about the difference between our generation of activists and my parent's'.

I mean, wasn't that the whole point of non-violent protest and civil disobedience? You know, to make the violence and inhumanity of the law abundantly clear. Isn't this what the liberals have been all about for a long time now or did I just misread the situation?

Anyhow, there has been rumors on when there would be raids on the Oakland camp and it seems to be this weekend the shit is/has gone down. Just look at this open letter from the po-po.

November 11, 2011
On behalf of the 645 Oakland police officers we represent, this letter comes to you out of duty to protect the Oakland community and its citizens.

Oakland police officers are the 99% and we understand and sympathize with your message. We respect your right to peaceful protest.

We are also sworn to protect the citizens of Oakland. Right now, Oakland is in a state of emergency.

Our police officers are the 99% struggling in Oakland neighborhoods every day to contain the 1% who rob, steal, rape and murder our law-abiding citizens. The Occupy Oakland protest, now 30 days old, is taking our police officers out of Oakland neighborhoods and away from protecting the citizens of Oakland.

In an average city in California, this might not be of emergency proportions for its citizens. Oakland is not an “average” city – we have the highest violent crime rate in California. We are the 5th most violent city in the United States – with more shootings and homicides than any city west of the Mississippi.

Last night’s murder, right in the epicenter of Occupy Oakland, is unacceptable. So is the violence being promoted by “renegade” protesters who are lighting firebombs, destroying property and attacking police.

What is even more tragic is that homicides are a frequent occurrence in Oakland. This is the real emergency: Yesterday’s murder was Oakland’s 101st homicide of 2011. It is time for us to stop directing all of our efforts at policing the small enclave of “Occupy Oakland” and get back to our job of protecting the citizens of Oakland in the neighborhoods where our residents live.

The events of recent weeks have shown that many occupiers at Frank Ogawa Plaza are citizens of other communities with limited interest in preserving the greater good and safety of our City.

Please, we ask you: Leave Frank Ogawa Plaza peacefully and immediately so Oakland Police can get back to work fighting the devastating crime that’s occurring in our neighborhoods.

You have sent the world a strong message; now it is time to go home. Your leaving today, peacefully, of your own free will, on the 30th day, will send a message to Oakland that you care about our citizens and respect our city.

With last night’s homicide, in broad daylight, in the middle of rush hour, Frank Ogawa Plaza is no longer safe. Please leave peacefully, with your heads held high, so we can get police officers back to work fighting crime in Oakland neighborhoods.

Thank you.
Come on, you hippies. Think of all the poor people we aren't getting to brutalize because of your non-violent acts. We respect your right to protest, but please respect our ability to shoot you with grenade launchers..

They didn't actually get an eviction notice. Just a notice saying that if they don't clear out, then they're subject to arrest. So if it hasn't happened already, it will be happening by the time this is posted. In short, the shit will hit the fan...

I'm not exactly sure how they expect to clear any of them out. Mayor Quan and the cops said the other day that they have a plan for "peacefull removal of the camp", but I have o idea how they intend to go about it. It's not just going to be the campers; as soon as word gets out there are going to be two thousand people there to provide backup and to take part of the general rioting conditions.

I want to underscore that people in the bay area are really goddamn crazy even at the best of times, and the types of people who are going to go camp in a park for weeks are the craziest of the crazy. So take that as you will.

What with the OPD not having many friends left, I honestly don't think they're going to be able to displace that many people without a full on riot control. Add in that there's a significant portion of the camp that's not going to go quietly and the fact that OPD has to be furious about being on a tight leash for the past few weeks and we've got a recipe for a massacre.

And since they're is always a silver lining, the 99% are actually up for TIME person of the year, as apparently they're just voting this year or something equally lame. Which makes you think that if the 99% gets person of the year distinctly from the "YOU" one they did a couple of years ago, well, I'll continue to not pay attention to what that dumb magazine has to say. It's not like I can tell TIME apart from NEWSWEEK anyway.

On a final note, looks like the police were tipped off...
Gas masks, homemade weapons and potluck dinners are being gathered by demonstrators at the Occupy Portland site, police warned Friday.

Officials said it seemed many of the protesters are building shields and makeshift weapons in anticipation of the site being temporarily closed for "maintenance" on Sunday, according to a press update on the Portland Police Bureau website.

Since city Mayor Sam Adams made the announcement that the park would be cleaned on Thursday, officials said they've seen increasingly ominous signs.
"We understand a call has gone out to Oakland, Seattle and San Francisco and perhaps other cities encouraging people to come to Portland and engage in resistance," the press release said.

Officials also warned they expect "as many as 150 anarchists" to arrive, adding "people may be in the trees during a police action".

It was not immediately clear why having people in trees was dangerous.
Cops are also concerned that Occupiers are attempting to obtain a large number of gas masks.

At the Occupy site, protesters insisted to the Oregonian they were peaceful - but wanted to make a statement.
Why yes.. gas masks, homemade weapons and... Potlucks. Man, those dinners are being gathered by Occupy Portland supporters and the police.. they have been warned.


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